The tone for this year’s HR Technology Conference already feels different. It feels more thoughtful and more reflective. Priorities have shifted. Last week’s tragedy certainly contributes to this new sentiment, but overall, the industry has changed. This year, it really feels like a community. One that is coming together to support charities, promote sessions, and encourage collaboration.  This year’s conference is a unique one and we are excited to be a part of it. Mollie and I have been preparing for this event for the past few months and we have also changed the way we are talking out our research and the future of HR.

It is an exciting time in our industry and this conference presents a great opportunity to strengthen our community. Below are a few recommendations for making the most out of next week:

–          Visit the Startups: Most of the innovation can be found with the technology startups. They bring a fresh perspective on this industry and provide a more personal experience to the technology available to employees, candidates, managers, and employers. Many of the startups at this show will either be acquired by a larger provider or will experience significant growth over the next few years. They are worth watching.

–          Get Involved and Give Back: The conference offers several opportunities to contribute to something meaningful, including HR Gives Back (founded by our very own Mollie Lombardi) and initiatives to support Las Vegas following the events of last week.

–          Think Beyond HR: Many of the sessions focus on issues that touch other areas of the business including financial wellness, compliance, contingent workforce management, and analytics. As HR becomes more closely aligned with business objectives, these topics and sessions need to be prioritized.

–          Beware of the Hype: Whether you are a corporation or a vendor, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of the event and can be difficult to decipher what technology can actually help solve your talent and workforce challenges. It is ok to be skeptical of some of the messaging and it’s ok to question the value of what these solutions offer. Ask the tough questions and trust your own experience.

–          Take Time for You: The best piece of advice we can give you is to take time for you. The event can be exhausting and it is important to take some time to pause and think about what you have learned and what you are hoping to get out of the event.

The HR Technology Conference is my favorite time of year. It is an opportunity to learn about our industry and to reconnect with old and new friends. We look forward to seeing you next week and sharing some of what we learn. Safe travels!