Where To Buy Synthetic Urine: Best Online Shops, Headshops, and Store Locator

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans face the necessity to pass a drug test. The reasons can be numerous – job employment, the thing called “reasonable suspicion”, or an accident at work. And it may be a real challenge for those who are using weed, occasionally or regularly. In that case, people often start the detox process – or just search what stores sell synthetic urine near me.

Where to buy synthetic urine near me

What is synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is the product with the science behind it. To manufacture an organic liquid is a challenging task. However, because organic chemistry has advanced, scientists have been able to create high-quality laboratory urine. And right now, it’s so similar to the real thing that not even urinalysis technology can distinguish between a bottle of fake whizz and the urine your body normally generates. The Powdered Urine product, for example, is formulated perfectly and is easy to use.

Nowadays, when big employers in the US perform urine drug tests constantly, fake pee is reaching new heights of popularity. And there is nothing strange about this fact – fake urine is the fastest way of beating those annoying drug tests. You don’t have to order any unknown detox kits and take them inside – there’s always a chance to harm your body.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

And even if you are sure of its quality – the detoxification process may take weeks! You may read a guide for one of the detox methods on ResidenceXII. So what to do if the urine drug test is tomorrow? Yeah, right – you should ask yourself a question: “Where to buy fake pee near me?”.

Quick Fix, Upass, Whizzinator – what’s it all about?

The market of synthetic urine and related items is developing by leaps and bounds. You can find tens of products – just type something like “buy synthetic urine near me now”. This product can be used in many ways, not just to pass urine tests. Some Americans utilize fake pee for fetish or prank reasons, and it’s quite a popular use case. But still most customers buy fake urine kits to get their dream job or not to lose it after a drug test.

And there are some top-notch products worth mentioning. You can find dozens of detailed reviews on them, so we won’t stop at this point. But still, you may probably hear about the well-known Quick Fix synthetic urine, or the advanced formula of Upass fake urine. These items help thousands of THC users to pass a urine drug test, just as Quick Luck and Powdered Urine do. As we said, the range of goods on the market grows every month. Nevertheless, cannabis users will still be still for Upass price at Walmart – we are sure about it.

What else do you need to pass a drug test

But synthetic urine itself is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You have to heat it to the proper temperature, or it will be detected as fake. Besides, sometimes you may have to pass a humiliating supervised drug test. Imagine – a man will stand 10 feet from you and watch you peeing! But even this scenario has a way out, and it’s called a synthetic urine kit.

The manufacturers of Whizzinator, Urinator, Monkey Whizz and other kits have thought of everything to the last detail. These kits include some bottles of clear synthetic urine, a heating pad to reach body temperature, a hidden belt to hold all this stuff, and the cherry on top – a fake penis to deliver urine sample into the cup! The last feature might sound strange, but remember – it’s for passing a drug test under supervision. And there are even options for females.

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine?

In 2022, the list of places where you can buy synthetic urine is long and wide. You may just google something like “quick fix synthetic urine near me“ – or “where can i buy monkey whizz near me” if you want a product that will be convenient for women. And you will see a huge amount of websites, that’s for sure!

But you shouldn’t trust them all, because there are tons of scam and counterfeit products. Order Powdered Urine directly from the manufacturers – it would be a wise decision and you will not waste your money on a useless kit. Or choose a big online store like Amazon or Walgreens. They usually are very careful about their reputation and won’t sell any crap.

Let’s take a closer look at the places where to buy synthetic urine.

Manufacturers’ online stores

The first thing that comes to mind is to order synthetic urine directly from the manufacturers’ websites. This choice is logical: the less middlemen between you and the product – the lower the price. It is a common rule in business, and drug testing is not an exception.

Aside from the apparent ease, there is one more excellent thing about purchasing synthetic urine online. You don’t have to interact with anyone in person. That means you don’t encounter any odd looks, side glances, or critical whispers behind your back. Buying a product like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is always quite personal. And you certainly don’t want anyone to stare at you in that moment, do you?


  • You get the cheapest price
  • You can read all the information and instructions
  • Customer support is here to help you
  • Delivery is usually fast and secure
  • No direct contact with the shop assistant
  • No need to go out from your place


  • 1-2 days of delivery may be too long in some cases
  • You cannot hold the item in your hands to see its quality

Local Head Shops

There is one more place where to buy synthetic urine – just visit a local head shop! A simple and amazing idea, isn’t it?

Head shops are places where you may buy accessories for smoking marijuana and tobacco. They sell synthetic urine for cannabis users to pass drug tests in addition to marijuana items. Also, they usually have equipment like hash pipes, bongs, as well as magazines about cannabis culture. So you may just ask yourself a question – “Do I know any headshop near me?” And if the answer is “yes” – then there’s nothing to wait for.

As long as they sell goods and accessories for legal substances like cigarettes, head shops are acceptable in the US. Even if medical marijuana is permitted where you live, you should still use caution while buying fake urine from a head shop. But if you need a box of synthetic pee right away, a neighboring head shop is a fantastic place to walk. This, among other things, may lead to some new acquaintances with people on the same wavelength.


  • The fastest way to get a fake urine kit
  • You can hold the product in your hands before buying
  • A huge assortment of the shop will be at your service.
  • You may meet some like-minded people, discuss the news, and so on


  • The prices may be higher than in online stores
  • You will have to contact the shop assistant directly
  • If you live in a small city – there may be no headshops


Bet you anything that a lot of weed users dreamt of a service like Google Maps, but for cannabis. Searching for head shops, local events, and even doctors without Google’s limitations and filters is absolutely a worthy idea. And – what a giant surprise – this service exists! It is called Weedmaps, and 4.5 millions of Americans visit it monthly.

You can find weed-related products, retailers, brands, dispensaries, deliveries, and much more on Weedmaps. Thanks to the convenient and intuitive interface, you can find what you want immediately, without spending extra time on learning. So if you are looking for a service where you can buy synthetic urine – Weedmaps is exactly what you need.

The interface and the search mechanics are quite similar to Google search engine. So you should build your queries like “where is u pass synthetic urine sold near me”, or “whizzinator in stores near me”. The “near me” part is very important – the service may ask for your geolocation. After that it will show you the results exactly near your place.


  • Weedmaps is highly regarded by millions of people
  • You can find headshops and deliveries near you
  • There is no need to register
  • No more filters and restrictions about the cannabis-related stores


  • Sharing your GPS location may be not an option for some users
  • If you live in a drug-free state – it won’t find anything

Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens

Where to buy synthetic urine online? Well, there is one more answer to this question. A lot of Americans prefer to buy drug-test-related products in big online stores like Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS and so on. These giants have their pros and cons, when compared to manufacturers’ stores.

You might be surprised to know that synthetic urine can be purchased at a store as common as Walmart or Amazon, given its unconventional nature. However, Walmart does sell synthetic urine, and they are typically found in the gardening section. Why do they have these products? It’s because gardeners and hunters employ synthetic urine to tame wayward animal behavior. To deter wandering animals and pests, gardeners, for instance, sprinkle fake pee on their patches, giving the impression that the area is another animal’s domain. Nevertheless, these items are not offered to replace human pee and could not be helpful to you.

Purchasing synthetic urine in big stores should be your last resort. Amazon and Walmart also sell synthetic urine, but the assortment can be quite poor. Not all top-notch brands usually work there – they have their own shops. And some of the products may be banned on Amazon. But if you find a good fake urine there – be glad, because you will be able to read customer reviews. Dozens of people usually write about their drug test experience. For example, you may find Quick Luck synthetic urine on Amazon.


  • Wide assortment of goods
  • Useful customer reviews
  • Guarantee of quality – these storeі will not sell any fake products


  • Well-known brands may not be present – they trade exclusively via their own websites
  • Not all synthetic urine on Amazon and Walmart is made to pass a drug test
  • Prices usually are higher

What else do you need to remember

Synthetic urine has its limitations. At least four states prohibit it. You should be aware that your ability to buy synthetic urine will depend on where you reside. The majority of internet stores don’t transport purchases to places where cannabis is prohibited, despite the fact that ordering fake urine online appears to be the most practical and viable choice among the ones previously mentioned.

In fact, artificial pee has already been outlawed in some areas, even if it was purchased as a joke or fetish present. If you live in Indiana, New Hampshire, Mississippi, or Missouri, you are not permitted to purchase fake urine, not even online.

The trucking industry also works to prevent synthetic urine kits from entering truck stops on the side of big roads. Truck associations and businesses oppose the idea of beating a drug test – and not without a reason.

And if you have successfully purchased synthetic urine for a urine drug test – remember the most important thing about it. You need to heat it to the temperature of your body before passing the test. Otherwise, too hot or too cold urine will be immediately detected as fake and you will have problems.