How to Pass Urine Drug Test with Synthetic Urine

The use of synthetic urine to pass a drug test has become popular over the years and it’s expected this popularity will increase.

This is because drug testing has become mandatory in workplaces as part of a pre-employment and post-employment routine. This means that both job applicants and employees will be subjected to a drug screen. For the latter, it could occur randomly or in the wake of an upcoming promotion.

Failing the drug screen can result in two outcomes for employees – being suspended or fired from their jobs. As an alternative, people prefer detox before the procedure to avoid it. Powdered Human Urine can be used to mask the presence of drugs in the urine sample.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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For job applicants, their prospective employers carry out a drug screen as part of their companies’ drug-free policy. The drug test usually happens within the final stages of the recruitment process. Passing the drug screen increases their chances of landing the job while failure means that chance is out the window.

Job applicants and employees aren’t the only ones who might need a fake urine kit for a drug test. There are athletes who from time to time will undergo a doping test and drug addicts going through rehab.

Chances are high that you’ve already heard (or read) a lot about synthetic urine and want to use it. But, how to use synthetic urine properly? You’ll get much-needed tips in the post below.

How to use synthetic urine properly

Residues of weed remain in your system for a long time – especially if you are a heavy user of THC. So passing a urine drug test may be really challenging and dangerous for your future. That’s why lots of Americans choose synthetic urine, such as Powdered Human Urine, and this product aids them.

Let’s say you come across a review of Quick Fix Plus, the most popular synthetic urine, and you decide to look it up and buy it for the upcoming drug test. What next? How to use it properly? To pass a urine drug test with synthetic urine you need to:

  • Place the synthetic urine in a microwave for at least 10 seconds – this will help you avoid any suspicions because the urine will have the optimal temperature. Keep in mind that any urine sample under 90°F (32°C) or above 100°F (37°C) will be discarded. Other ways to keep synthetic urine warm are to use body heat or hand warmers. After all, our urine is warm and the synthetic sample you want to provide should be too. It’s useful to mention that synthetic urine can also come in powdered form which you have to dilute in water. The powder comes with a heating agent you need to add to water too, just make sure to mix well
  • Be quick – when pouring synthetic urine into a cup you need to be very fast. The sample loses its temperature quickly. If you want to pass the drug test you shouldn’t have any delays while pouring the synthetic urine sample into a cup
  • Conceal it properly – it’s not uncommon for people to undergo physical evaluation before they proceed to provide the sample. This happens because they want to make sure you’re not hiding anything. To avoid problems you can easily hide synthetic urine samples in a prosthetic penis device or urine belt with a plastic tube. This simple solution allows you to conceal urine samples under clothes and avoid getting detected during the physical evaluation
  • Buy high-quality and the freshest products – do your research to make sure the fake urine you buy is of the best quality, such as Powdered Human Urine. It should also be the latest or freshest batch. Fresh batch gives you more security that you’ll pass the drug test as it’s more similar to the “natural” urine

Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Nowadays there are different options for people who want to buy synthetic urine. Instead of choosing the first option you see, take some time, and research different products. Go for the product with the best quality. The manufacturer should be reliable. Unreliable manufacturers may sell products of dubious quality. Check user reviews to see what worked best for other people.

And there is more than one place where you can buy synthetic urine. Local headshops, big online stores, and services like Weedmaps are at your service.

Factors that can Help you Pass a Drug Test with Fake Pee Test Kit

Even if you’re using the best fake pee for a drug test, you need to seriously consider the following factors to enhance your chances of passing urinalysis:

  • Knowing the Drug Test Date: Whether the drug test is random or scheduled ahead of time, it pays to know exactly when the drug test will happen. You should also understand the kind of company you work for. Some companies always give 1 or 2 weeks’ notice prior to the urine drug test. On the other hand, some companies randomly schedule drug tests. In both instances, it’s best to be prepared and have fake urine to pass a drug test.
  • Practicing How to use the Test Kit: This is another way to prepare for the lab tests. Knowing this is the same as knowing how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine. A typical fake piss kit comes with a plastic bag and straps to secure the urine sample to your body. It also comes with usage instructions. This is the easy part because you’ll be directed on how to attach the urine sample to your body. But what you don’t know is that you need to practice how to appear natural with the attached urine sample on your body. We recommend purchasing a fake piss kit and practicing how to attach it to the body, walking with it, and releasing the sample through a tube behind the zipper into the bottle. You need to practice with it at least twice to get the hang of it. If you don’t appear natural or the fake urine kit is not properly concealed, you’ll rouse suspicions. If luck isn’t on your side, things will go south from there.
  • Mixing the Urine Sample Properly: The best fake piss kit in 2022 may come in either powdered or liquid format. For the former, you’re advised to mix it with about 45-60ml of distilled water. We recommend using distilled water because it lacks any element (vitamins/minerals and contaminants) that may ruin your urine sample and consequently, the urinalysis. Be precise with your measurements and thoroughly shake the sample for it to mix well. For pre-mixed urine solution, all you need to do is shake it thoroughly before use to get the concentration right.

Fake Urine Products Review

TestClear Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit

Test Clear is one of the most renowned and widely used fake urine brands in the industry. Its Powdered Urine synthetic kit is one of the best solutions to help you pass a urine drug test. Unlike many fake urine products, this kit comes with real human urine from a donor that has been dried to powdered form. All the user has to do is mix a precise quantity of distilled water (45 – 60ml) with the powdered urine and you have a real urine sample. Since it’s real urine, it contains all the chemical components of urine in the right proportions.

This urine kit comes with:

  • The instruction manual
  • A plastic vial containing the urine powder
  • A temperature strip
  • Adhesive hand warmers will be used to heat the urine till its temperature is within the recommended temperature range.

The use of a vial for storing urine powder makes it easier to transfer it into the specimen container without making a mess. The product is also very affordable compared to some fake urine products. A single kit will cost $49.95 on the official website.


  • It’s real urine. This distinguishes it from many fake urine products that were concocted in the laboratory.
  • This kit has an extremely high success rate (99%) in urine drug tests. As long as you follow the instructions and ensure the urine’s temperature stays within the recommended range, you’ll pass your urine drug test
  • It’s your best bet for an unsupervised drug test
  • It’s easy to use
  • The kit is comprehensive
  • It’s relatively affordable.


  • It’s not suitable for a supervised drug test
  • It can’t be used for another kind of drug test.

Clear Choice Incognito Belt

Just like TestClear, Clear Choice Incognito Belt is another reputable fake urine brand in the industry. Its products are firmly among the bestselling fake urine products on the market. Interestingly, Clear Choice Incognito Belt is the company’s most popular product. It’s a buyer’s favourite because it’s extremely effective which justifies its cost and the urine sample is free from toxins and contaminants. Unlike the TestClear Powdered Urine Kit, this fake urine kit is designed specifically for supervised drug testing. It’s designed to be concealed under your clothes. The urine is an expertly concocted urine sample using all the ingredients that make urine look realistic.

The Clear Choice Incognito Belt comes with:

  • 100 ml of pre-mixed fake urine sample which is contained in a bladder bag (this quantity is enough for two tests)
  • A temperature strip
  • Velcro adjustable belt
  • A pair of heat pads
  • The instruction guide.

This product is quite expensive. A single kit costs $125 but considering its quality and tons of positive reviews from users, it’s a fair bargain. It’s arguably the best solution on hand if you have a supervised urine drug screen coming up.


  • The product comes with a 200% money-back guarantee. This isn’t just too good to be true, it’s unheard of. It also shows the unshakeable confidence the manufacturer has in this fake urine kit
  • It’s easy to use, attach, and conceal on your body
  • It’s the best bet to help you pass a supervised drug test
  • There’s a very high chance of passing the drug test
  • Tons of positive reviews
  • The urine sample is sufficient enough for a couple of urine drug tests.


  • Compared to fake urine kits such as TestClear Powdered Urine Kit, Clear Choice Incognito Belt is very expensive
  • There’s always the risk of discovery in a supervised drug test.

Clear Choice Quick Luck

This defines “premium fake urine.” Clear Choice Quick Luck is a relatively new product from Clear Choice and as usual, it’s top-quality. The urine sample that comes with this kit has been created to be very similar to real human urine. This premixed urine contains all the necessary ingredients that are supposed to be found in real urine. The unique thing about this fake urine sample is that it’s constantly upgraded by Clear Choice on a yearly basis and the formula is readjusted to maintain its premium quality. This also keeps the product in line with the current trends in drug testing.

This fake urine kit contains:

  • A vial of pre-mixed urine solution
  • A couple of air-activated heat pads
  • A packet of heat activator powder (its unique feature)
  • Temperature strip
  • Instruction manual.

Of course, this product is not expected to be cheap. A single kit of Clear Choice Quick Luck costs $100. Clear Choice also makes a practice kit that you can purchase alongside the fake urine kit. This costs $30. You can use it to practice with the kit at home. Simply substitute the urine for water and practice with the heat pads and heat activator powder.


  • The solution is premixed, which makes it more convenient for users. All they have to do is heat the urine sample, shake it thoroughly and warm it with the heat pads
  • This product gives users a 99% chance of passing the urinalysis
  • It can be shipped globally
  • The formula is worked on yearly to preserve its superior quality
  • It comes with a sophisticated temperature kit (heat pads x heat activator powder)
  • It’s easy to use.


  • This fake urine kit costs $100. It’s relatively cheaper than the Incognito Belt but much more expensive than TestClear Powdered Urine.

The Urinator

This is arguably the most convenient fake urine kit on this list. It’s also the only electronic urine kit on this list. One strong feature that The Urinator has going for it is its reusability. This kit is a buyer’s favorite because it helps users easily transfer the urine sample from the concealed pouch to the specimen cup or bottle. Interestingly, if done well, it will look like you’re actually urinating. It won’t matter if the drug test is supervised or not, no one will suspect anything amiss.

The Urinator is a small device and this makes it easy to conceal beneath your clothes. This kit is battery-powered. However, it doesn’t come with a pair of batteries. So you’ll have to get it as you’re purchasing the kit. We recommend Duracell (9 volts). This kit comes with:

  • A 100 ml IV bag with the urine sample with a liquid crystal thermometer
  • A 60 ml syringe
  • Stainless steel sensor rod (temperature sensor)
  • A computerized temperature regulator
  • Silicone heater (it’s linked to the temperature regulator)
  • Another IV port attached to vinyl tubing
  • A thermal insulating blanket.


  • The device is electronic, unlike the other kits that are manual
  • It’s very easy to use
  • The kit is comprehensive (comes with a temperature strip, a tube, a heating element, and the device itself)
  • It’s ideal for a supervised drug test
  • The kit comes with powdered urine which is real human urine
  • The heating element can keep your urine warm for up to 4 hours
  • The urine sample has a shelf life of 12 months. So you can purchase it ahead of time in the event you’ll be tested within a year.


  • The kit is battery-powered, but it doesn’t come with batteries. That’s an extra expense
  • It’s an unnatural feeling to have a battery-powered device in your pubic region
  • A single kit costs $189.95 which is expensive, but considering the content of this kit, we would say it’s a fair bargain
  • The urine sample will be ruined if the volume of water added is more than 60 ml.

Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix is, without question, one of the biggest names where fake urine brands are concerned. Though it’s not real human urine, the composition is expertly concocted to be virtually identical to look and smell like real urine. This fake urine product has been on the market for a long time and during that time, it has earned positive reviews because it’s top-notch. Creatinine, vitamins, urea, and uric acid were mixed in the right proportions to create the urine solution.

Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in varieties. The kit that comes with a 2-ounce sample costs $29.95 while the kit with the 3-ounce sample costs $39.95.

This fake urine kit comes with:

  • 2 0r 3 ounces of the premixed urine sample (depending on the kit you buy)
  • A temperature strip
  • Heating pad
  • The instruction manual.


  • This kit is the most affordable fake urine kit compared to the other products reviewed
  • The product is top quality
  • It comes with a shelf life of two years
  • The urine kit is easy to use
  • It comes with a bottle that can be warmed in a microwave.


  • This kit may require extra accessories such as leg straps or urine belts if it’s a supervised drug test. The plastic bottle that the product comes with can be microwaved in a bottle.

Bottom line

Passing a urine drug test with synthetic urine can be incredibly easy when you pay attention to the details. Conceal the sample properly, keep it at an optimal temperature, and be fast when adding it to a sample cup, it’s that easy. You may want to get fake urine and practice at home so that you know exactly what to do when drug test day comes.

We recommend using one of the five fake urine kits, such as Powdered Human Urine, that have been reviewed in this article. They are the best of the bunch and will guarantee you pass a drug test as long as you mix the urine sample accurately and follow the usage instructions to the letter.