How to Pass Urine Drug Test with Synthetic Urine

The use of synthetic urine to pass a drug test has become popular over the years and it’s expected this popularity will increase. Chances are high you’ve already heard (or read) a lot about synthetic urine and want to use it. But, how to use synthetic urine properly? You’ll get much-needed tips in the post below.

How to use synthetic urine properly

Residues of weed remain in your system for a long time – especially if you are a heavy user of THC. So passing a urine drug test may be really challenging and dangerous for your future. That’s why lots of Americans choose synthetic urine, and this product aids them.

Let’s say you come across a review of a Quick Fix Plus, the most popular synthetic urine, and you decide to look it up and buy it for the upcoming drug test. What next? How to use it properly? To pass a urine drug test with synthetic urine you need to:

  • Place the synthetic urine in a microwave for at least 10 seconds – this will help you avoid any suspicions because the urine will have the optimal temperature. Keep in mind that any urine sample under 90°F (32°C) or above 100°F (37°C) will be discarded. Other ways to keep synthetic urine warm is to use body heat or hand warmers. After all, our urine is warm and the synthetic sample you want to provide should be too. It’s useful to mention that synthetic urine can also come in powdered form which you have to dilute in water. The powder comes with a heating agent you need to add to water too, just make sure to mix well
  • Be quick – when pouring synthetic urine into a cup you need to be very fast. The sample loses its temperature quickly. If you want to pass the drug test you shouldn’t have any delays while pouring the synthetic urine sample into a cup
  • Conceal it properly – it’s not uncommon for people to undergo physical evaluation before they proceed to provide the sample. This happens because they want to make sure you’re not hiding anything. To avoid problems you can easily hide synthetic urine sample in a prosthetic penis device or urine belt with a plastic tube. This simple solution allows you to conceal urine sample under clothes and avoid getting detected during the physical evaluation
  • Buy high-quality and the freshest products – do your research to make sure fake urine you buy is of the best quality. It should also be the latest or freshest batch. Fresh batch gives you more security that you’ll pass the drug test as it’s more similar to the “natural” urine


Nowadays there are different options for people who want to buy synthetic urine. Instead of choosing the first option you see, take some time, and research different products. Go for the product with the best quality. The manufacturer should be reliable. Unreliable manufacturers may sell products of dubious quality. Check user reviews to see what worked best for other people.

And there is more than one place where you can buy synthetic urine. Local headshops, big online stores, services like Weedmaps are at your service.

Bottom line

Passing a urine drug test with synthetic urine can be incredibly easy when you pay attention to the details. Conceal the sample properly, keep it at an optimal temperature, and be fast when adding it to a sample cup, it’s that easy. You may want to get fake urine and practice at home so that you know exactly what to do when drug test day comes.