The Urinator Review: How to Use It For a Drug Test?

Many people are searching for The Urinator reviews these days. This is because marijuana usage has become common. It could be medical marijuana or a one-time recreational dose. However, you can’t explain that to your boss after a positive drug test.

This is especially true for jobs involving physical labor, where alertness and attention are the top priority.

But with the newest testing technologies, the evasion techniques are also improving with time. Accordingly, The Urinator is another effective product that can help you escape a sticky situation at your workplace.

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However, The Urinator Testclear Review 2023 will change your mind if you need convincing.

Having the right tools to avoid getting a positive urine test is vital for your reputation and career. So, you need a fool-proof, user-friendly technique because most people aren’t experts at passing urine drug tests.

So, does The Urinator work?

Does the Urinator Really Work?

You can find various products on the market which claim to be 100% effective in helping you clear a test. However, many of them have low-quality fake urine, which the new and advanced detectors can easily detect.

This is because your urine comprises multiple ingredients like creatinine and salts within specific limits. Furthermore, the fake urine must be at a specific temperature according to your body temperature.

Even if a fake pee kit gets the composition right, the wrong temperature may get you in trouble. However, The Urinator claims to solve this dilemma.

So, let’s explore what this kit offers, how it works, and all its pros and cons.

How Does The Urinator Work?

Like most fake urine kits, The Urinator has a simple design. However, it offers a bit more, being the only electric-powered warmer with temperature maintenance of up to four hours.

The apparatus is a bag with a heating source and a tube. The tube is used to fill the pouch, which contains the pee. Moreover, the heating component guarantees that urine is heated to the proper temperature.

The gadget runs on batteries, another item to be aware of. But a battery is not included. So, you’ll also need a 9-volt Duracell battery to run the heating element.

The Urinator has two powdered urine kits. So, you will have enough synthetic pee for two tests.

Furthermore, it has a stainless steel detector rod with a precise temperature sensor, which aids in efficient temperature control. The computerized digital controller keeps the right temperature and prevents mishaps by being sealed.

Instructions: How to Use The Urinator to Pass The Urine Drug Test?

Even though The Urinator provides explicit instructions, you must practice using it a few times to ace your supervised urinalysis.

However, you can use water while trying out the kit. Here are the steps you will need to apply to try out the device.

  1. First, fill the bag with the water.
  2. Next, release any remaining air once the bag is filled. Then, secure the tube’s top.
  3. The Urinator’s batteries must be connected.
  4. Additionally, ensure the bag’s urine temperature indicator registers between 98 and 100 before providing the sample.
  5. Finally, remove the tube’s top to release the urine from the bag. Then, pour it all into the urine cup for lab testing.

The Urinator instructions

Below are the step-by-step instructions to use this tool:

  1. Unbox The Urinator to pass a drug test. Everything you need for the operation, including the synthetic urine and other supplies, should be inside.
  2. Combine a urine sample with 75–85 ml of warm water, then fill the device.
  3. Remove the air from the bag, then replace the cap to seal the tubing.
  4. Put the battery into the silicone warmer. The insulating blankets are folded, and the strap is fastened.
  5. Before utilizing the heating equipment, let the urine reach the appropriate temperature range (36–38°C). This is the most crucial stage because, even if the composition is correct, you can’t pass if the urine is not adequately heated.
  6. After heating it to the required level, use the steel rods with sensors to check the urine sample’s temperature.
  7. Open the IV  pouch’s cover and pour the liquid into a container.

Note that the whole point of this kit is to maintain an appropriate urine temperature. Hence, you should be vigilant because the new urinalysis techniques can easily detect fake piss if the temperature isn’t right.

What Additional Products Can Be Used With The Urinator

Even though The Urinator is a complete product, you can buy additional equipment to make the process easier and less detectable.

Before you wonder, “Where to buy the Urinator?” you should know the additional products to purchase.

Whichever products you buy, ensure you practice using them at home multiple times before performing the actual test.

Any fiddling or fishy moves could quickly disqualify you from the test. It could also make the person in charge suspicious enough to check you and find your fake urine kit for a drug test.

  • Stealth Belt

A stealth belt helps you conceal the sample and avoid getting caught. Wearing the gadget is more comfortable and covert, thanks to this belt. Additionally, it makes the kit more gender-neutral.

  • Extra Fake Urine Solution

You can never have too many samples, especially if you want to practice using actual fake pee.

This is why you can purchase extra solutions with The Urinator. You can choose any brand which you find is reliable. Search “stores that sell synthetic urine near me,” and find what you seek.

Urinator vs. Whizzinator

The Urinator kit isn’t the only urine test manipulator on the market. Another popular product is the Whizzinator. Even though both products have the same purpose of helping you pass your urine drug test, their techniques and equipment can vary slightly.

So, they have slightly different answers to the question, “How to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine?”

The best fake pee test kit choice depends on your comfort and requirement. So, below we have compared both tools to help you decide. However, there is one fundamental difference between the two.

The Whizzinator works with a prosthetic device. This makes it gender-specific. On the other hand, The Urinator does not have a gender limitation and caters to a broader customer base. So, if you are a female, The Urinator is the appropriate device for you.

The Urinator The Whizzinator
The package includes an electric urine warmer. This ensures the urine stays at the right temperature. It uses heating pads to maintain temperature. These are relatively unreliable in maintaining temperature.
It is suitable for both genders. It works only for men as the vinyl pouch looks like a penis.
The Urinator can be used for more than one urine drug test quickly. It also can be used multiple times.
The Package includes:

  • Syringe
  • Powdered urine
  • Liquid crystal thermometer with a 100ml Dual-port IV bag or pouch
  • Silicone heater with self-regulation
  • Electronic controller
  • Insulation blanket
  • User guide
  • Stainless steel rod with a temperature sensor
The package includes:

  • Prosthetic with Silent Valve technology
  • One Golden Shower Synthetic Urine sample
  • Refillable vinyl pouch (many colors are available to match any skin color)
  • Syringe
  • Instruction manual
  •  Four heat pads

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates:

    • Manufacturer: Innovative Research Technology, Inc
    • Launch Year: 1998
    • Address: 448 Cummings Street, Suite 202, Abingdon, Virginia.
    • Contact Information: [email protected], +1-800-395-1694
    • Customer Support: [email protected]
    • Website:
    • Certified or Legal: Certification information is not available on the website. However, it is important to note that the product sold on the website, “,” is illegal in some states.


While it is listed on the company’s official website for $169.95, the Urinator costs $189.95. We recommend purchasing through the official website since you can get a $20 discount.

The orders placed during the week before noon can be dispatched the following day. Weekend orders will be dispatched the following business day.

Moreover, there is an express shipping option, but it will cost extra.

You are entitled to a refund if the goods are returned in a brand-new or unused condition. You must inform the business of your desire to return the kit within ten days of purchase. Moreover, you must return the item within one month of purchase to qualify for a full refund.

Furthermore, a warranty is available for the kit.

States That Have Banned Using Synthetic Urine

Several states have implemented bans on the usage and delivery of synthetic urine products. It is important to note that the product discussed here cannot be delivered to the following states:

  • Virginia
  • Providence, RI
  • Oklahoma
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Kentucky

These states have taken measures to restrict the use of synthetic urine due to concerns over potential misuse and fraudulent activities, particularly in the context of drug tests and screenings. The specific regulations and laws may vary in each state, and it is advisable to be aware of and comply with the legal restrictions and requirements related to synthetic urine in the respective jurisdiction. It is crucial to prioritize adherence to the laws and regulations of the state in which one resides to avoid any legal repercussions.

Pros and Cons


  • The Urinator is more reliable than heating pads, which may over-heat or not heat the urine.
  • It is a gender-neutral device and caters to women, unlike the Whizzinator.
  • The reliable urine formulation hasn’t changed since 1999.
  • It has no prosthetic penis, which makes The Urinator gender-neutral, unlike The Whizzinator and Monkey Dong.
  • Since the solution is not entirely combined, the risks of spoiling are reduced.


  • It can be slightly pricey compared to the Whizzinator, which costs $99.00-$109.00.
  • Having batteries next to a private body part seems weird.


Can labs detect synthetic urine in 2023?

Yes, labs have become more advanced and can detect even the slightest composition or temperature change in urine. That’s why choosing a suitable fake urine device to ace the test is essential.

What should be the temperature of my fake urine to pass the test?

The appropriate fake urine temperature is closest to the original urine’s temperature. So ideally, it should be between  36 to 38 degrees Celsius or 92 to 100 Fahrenheit.

You can easily maintain this temperature using the tools in The Urinator’s kit.

How can I secure the device on my body?

The best way to keep the kit concealed and use it effectively is to purchase a strap or belt with it. You can purchase this as an additional product to The Urinator.

Can I use The Urinator as a woman?

Yes, The Urinator is a gender-neutral test kit with no prosthetic penis, so either gender is good to use it.

Is it necessary for me to put the computerized device near my genitals? Is it safe?

It can feel awkward to place the computerized equipment near your private parts. However, it is safe. Additionally, kits that use heating pads aren’t as reliable as The Urinator.

Do I have to use Duracell batteries?

The Urinator may only be used with Duracell batteries for smooth operation. According to the manufacturer, the gadget performs better when using Duracell batteries. Therefore, we advise that you follow the directions and stick to the indicated brand.

Customer Reviews

Below are a few customer reviews to help you decide whether The Urinator is worth the buck.

Positive Reviews

This customer aced their drug test with flying colors. However, they recommended a practice run to get the best results in the actual test.

Urinator Review 1

Another buyer used the kit to pass a pre-employment drug test. He followed the instructions exactly as they were written. Ultimately, he maintained the proper temperature and aced the test.

Urinator Review 2

One customer posted a long-term usage review which shows The Urinator was his go-to device even for surprise drug tests.

Urinator Review 3

Negative Reviews

A buyer on Amazon wasn’t impressed with the product stating it doesn’t keep what it promises. But it is unclear if they followed the instructions correctly or not.

Urinator Review 4


In conclusion, The Urinator is a device that promises to provide synthetic urine at the proper temperature to pass urine drug tests.

It is intended to be an easy-to-use and trustworthy option for anyone who needs to pass a drug test. However, it’s crucial to remember that certain states forbid the use of synthetic urine in drug testing.

Despite The Urinator’s promises of effectiveness, remember that laboratories are getting better at spotting fake pee. Additionally, there may be legal repercussions if such products are used to cheat on drug screening.

Drug tests have become more common since marijuana has become legal in various US states. Most employers are concerned about workplace drug test policy. Meanwhile, others worry about the accuracy and efficiency of tasks.

Hence, it is always preferable to abide by workplace drug testing regulations and legal requirements. Happy testing!