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Walmart Shifts Scheduling Power

As the world’s largest retailer, nothing Walmart does goes unnoticed. So a shift in scheduling processes for 650 of its small format Neighborhood Markets is likely to have many other organizations with an hourly workforce paying attention. The new program is called Customer First Scheduling, but it […]

Great Strides for Pay Equity – First in Massachusetts

I am a transplant to Massachusetts, but I’ve now lived here longer than anywhere else in my life. Despite not being a native, there is a lot I can be proud of as a resident of Massachusetts, including a lot of important firsts. The Boston Common was […]

Ceridian: Walking in Their Customer’s Shoes

I’ve spent a lot of time with workforce management companies and their executive teams in the past 10 years. There are many amazing leaders in our space. But one leader, team and organization that has been through a palpable transformation is CEO David Ossip and his team […]

Tick-Tock: Making WFM Tangible with WorkForce Software

A little over a week ago I had the opportunity to spend time with WorkForce Software at their annual user event. I have followed WorkForce for some time and this was the fourth or fifth customer event of theirs I’ve been to. But it was the first […]

New Rules: Redefining Overtime

On Tuesday afternoon the Department of Labor released its final rules on overtime as a part of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which will go into effect on December 1. The basic gist of the rules is that anyone working 40 hours or more per week at […]

Workforce Micromanagement – Don’t Be Creepy

I’m a fan of data. I proudly brand myself a data geek. And I love workforce management. I think tools that make us more efficient, while also helping us improve the experience of our staff and managers, that also help us gather data to improve business results, […]

Past, Present and Future – A Visit with Ceridian

I had the opportunity to attend Ceridian’s analyst day in Los Angeles last week. It was my first major analyst event of the calendar year, and it was good as always to catch up with old friends and colleagues, both in the analyst space and on the […]

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – Unless It’s Your Workforce

In the afterglow of Valentine’s Day, this may seem like a sweet sentiment to those with absent loves. But when it comes to work, employers are anything but fond of absences. Estimates the cost of unplanned absence in the range of $80-$100 billion annually in the US. […]

Let Me Google That for You…

If you type “innovation” in Google’s search engine, it would probably be a good many pages before time clocks entered the conversation. But at nearly 40, Kronos has made the shift from a company that started out selling time clocks with punch cards that bolted onto your wall […]

EAP: Moving from Crisis Management to Decision-Support

This week is all about the holiday hangover – we spent too much, ate too much, expected too much – many are focused surviving the post-holiday blues. Which got me thinking about EAP, or employee assistance programs. EAP has gotten something of a bad rap. Most of […]