How Long Does Wax Pen Stay In Your Urine?

The main constituent of the wax pen is THC. Therefore, a consumer must know beforehand how long does weed stay in your system – because each strain has a different potency. The duration of the effects from the wax pen depends on a few factors, which are as follows:

  • The frequency of THC consumption.
  • The amount of THC consumed.
  • The percentage of THC present in the wax pen.

How Long Does Wax Pen Stay in Your Urine?

In the past few years, we have seen a meteoric rise in the use of marijuana and newer methods of consuming this substance. It is especially popular among the teenage and twenty to forty age group, primarily because the marijuana industry has evolved and made much more discreet methods of consumption. 

There are genuine medical reasons that would warrant the usage of medically prescribed marijuana; however, most people smoke weed for recreational purposes by either rolling the marijuana strains into joints, blunts, or by using them in bongs. Although marijuana is legal in many states across the US, Canada, and most European countries, many workplaces still have a zero-tolerance policy on marijuana and other illicit substances.

What is a wax or dab pen?

In the battle between wax pen vs dab pen, it doesn’t really matter which one you go for because the overall result of the products is the same because the amount of THC consumed will affect how long does wax stay in your system. The constituents are the same in dab and wax drug since both contain THC. When we look at direct comparisons between the two products, we can see:

  Advantages Disadvantages
Wax Pen It is less expensive.


The user does not need a complex knowledge of how to operate the wax pen because the refilling mechanism is quite simple.


There is no need to constantly maintain the wax pen.

The user may accidentally spill and waste the THC concentrate while refilling or measuring.


This is not very discreet.

Dab Pen Due to the manual handling of the dab pen, the user becomes more knowledgeable about the structure of the pen.


Minimum wastage of THC concentrate due to spillage.

It is slightly more expensive.


A hands-on approach is required to clean and refill, which can be troublesome for new users.


This is not very discreet.


The reason that people are drifting toward vape pens, wax pens, and dab pens is mostly for convenience. The pens are very easy to carry, easy to store, and much more discreet than traditional forms of marijuana smoking. It also takes less time to refill the THC concentrate into the pens than it takes to prepare the marijuana and roll the “joint” or “blunt.” 

The discrete nature of vape pens initially put out for nicotine-related usage sparked a need for CBD-infused or THC concentrate refill options, making it easier for marijuana users to smoke in a much more discreet way than before, according to NPR. As to how long does wax last, users can look at the next section.

How long does weed stay in your system?

When considering buying wax or dab pens, the questions of “will a dab pen show up in a drug test?” or “how long waxpen last in your system?” are common. Users can refer to the information below to answer these questions and learn to use wax or dab pens without getting into trouble.


Blood is the second most common method used to test for traces of CBD, cannabinoids, and THC in both legal and illegal countries. Due to the effectiveness of this test, many official drug testing facilities opt for this option because long-term/ heavy users can be found very easily.

  No. of days after smoking/ consuming that THC will be detected in the blood
Blood test Casual users – 2 to 12 hours since last use

Heavy users – 30 days since last use


This is a guaranteed test to find long-term users, primarily because the hair follicles have traces of THC due to deposits from sweat, sebum, and blood vessels that directly carry the THC to the scalp. This large detection window is perfect to find regular long-term/ heavy users. However, it is quite useless when trying to find casual users. The percentage of THC found is quite small or barely enough to certify that the person is a chronic user.

  No. of days after smoking/ consuming that THC will be detected in the hair
Hair test Casual users – 90 days since last use

Heavy users – could be longer than 90 days due to frequent usage


The saliva test is also known as the “oral swab test,” this test is very easy to conduct, and most roadside police officers (in states where Cannabis is legal) usually carry a test kit to test certain drivers to see if they are within the acceptable range of THC levels. This is done to minimize or reduce the potential risks that come with driving under the influence of marijuana, similar to how drivers are pulled over and asked to take a breathalyzer test if they are/ seem drunk.

  No. of days after smoking/ consuming that THC will be detected in the saliva
Saliva test Casual users – 12 to 24 hours since last use

Heavy users – could be longer than 24 hours due to frequent usage

Urine test

This test is the most common and the best possible test to confirm whether or not an individual has smoked weed. It detects the long-term presence of broken-down cannabinoids, THC, and metabolites in the body. Urine drug test is also the most efficient out of the available tests. It can detect whether the person is a casual user or a long-term/ heavy user. The test is based on the concentration of the above-mentioned residuals.

  No. of days after smoking that THC will be detected in the urine
Urine test Casual users – 30 since last use

Heavy users – could be longer than 30 days due to frequent usage

What is a wax pen and how long does THC from a Wax Vape Pen Stay in Your Urine?

Wax pens are better at getting a person a quick high, although the high is not as long-lasting as a high from a joint. However, unlike a joint, a wax pen is more socially acceptable and seen as something that is not as harmful as a joint. 

Although that topic is quite debatable, the one downside is that there are no other constituents besides THC in a wax pen, which means that if a person is tested, they might not be able to make an excuse. Due to the frequency of usage, the user needs to stop immediately if he/ she thinks that they might get tested. And the answer for the question “how long does wax pen stay in your urine” is here:


  No. of days after smoking/ consuming that THC will be detected
Wax pen Casual users – 24 hours since last use

Heavy users – 3 days since last use

What factors affect how long THC remains detectable in urine?

There are a wide range of factors that affect how long does it take to get weed out of system; they are;

  1. Dosage

The amount of THC taken into the body when smoking/ consuming Cannabis is a significant factor when it comes to how long the weed will be detectable. If a person consumes more cannabis over a prolonged time, it would take more time for the body to break the Cannabis down. This increases the chances of detecting THC and other metabolites through any test.

  1. BMI

BMI plays another factor because the size and fat composition of the individual have a hand in dictating the rate of metabolism. If a person has a body type with a higher body composition of fat, this means that there are more fat molecules available to bind with THC (because THC is fat soluble). Therefore, THC would remain much longer in the system.

  1. Metabolism/ genetics

Metabolism controls the rate at which THC and cannabinoids are broken down in the body, and this is done via enzymes. Genetics plays an important factor because there are certain genes that produce or stimulate the correct enzymes responsible for breaking down THC and cannabinoids. Therefore, metabolism and genetics go hand in hand for this process to work perfectly.

  1. Exercise

Exercise has a pro and a con regarding the detectability of THC through a test. The pro is that constant exercise will help burn fat. And if the person is a casual or chronic smoker, this means that there are fewer fat molecules. The con is that sudden exercise for an individual who is generally not active would mean that fat molecules with THC already bound would burn, releasing more THC into the system.

  1. Lifestyle

As with all things, the person’s lifestyle affects the detectability of THC and Cannabis. I would recommend daily exercise in order to minimize the fat molecules in the body composition; therefore, there is less amount of THC binding to the body fat. 

Chronic smokers need to minimize their consumption; otherwise, they will fail every drug test for Cannabis because THC molecules can be found in their hair, nails, sebum, and bloodstream. A healthy diet with fiber and regular intake of water/ “body flushing” fluids would help further decrease the amount of THC found because it will regularly clean the system.


As with all things, it is important not to overindulge because too much of something is not always a good thing. However, if an individual is in trouble and needs a solution – there is one. He or she can always opt for using a drug detox kit. 

Drug detox kits are really convenient. They are a fast way to get weed out of system, often in the days/ weeks leading up to the drug test. The detection time after using a drug detox kit is very low because it dilutes the THC in the system and flushes out unwanted residuals. And one more thing: buying drug detox kits from their official websites is highly recommended.

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