One in three companies are increasing their investment in ways to attract talent. With low unemployment and a shrinking talent pool, companies want to find the best way to engage with talent early in the process and convert leads to applicants. Conversion rates are becoming one of the most important metrics in talent acquisition. In fact, over 40% of companies are measuring conversion rates and making adjustments to their strategies and technology choices.

Without a recruitment marketing platform, most companies are neglecting the way they engage and nurture leads and instead rely on myriad solutions to help find talent in an ad hoc and reactive approach. A single platform can consolidate all the activities to attract talent and offer a complete view of data to provide greater insight into the recruitment process. The challenge most companies face is that candidate conversion rates only reach 10-20% from company career sites. If companies want to make the most of their talent acquisition strategies, they need to do more than track conversion rates. They need to consider a strategic conversion process.

If you aren’t exactly sure what that means or where to start, we have good news. Next Tuesday, Pete Sanidas (VP of Revenue and Research Leader at Talemetry) and I will be presenting a webinar on strategies and best practices for improving conversion rates. Pete will also be sharing results from Talemetry’s latest research report 2018 Fortune 500 Conversion Audit.

During this webinar, we will share the following:
– The importance of the conversion process and its impact on talent acquisition
– Recommendations to change your application process to improve application completion rates
– Strategies you need to use analytics to enable better decision making
– Research results and best practices for formalizing a conversion process
– The importance of personalization in the overall process

Improving conversion rates can be a quick win for your organization. We hope you can join us next week to learn about some ways to get started.