Pass urine drug test – guide for begginers

A urine drug test is a necessity that most workers and athletes undergo. This article is for you if you have ever pondered how to pass urine drug test for weed.

The best way to pass urine drug test is by detoxification. You can also try detox products or synthetic pee products for unsupervised tests. Detox can remove unwanted substances like traces of cannabis in the form of THC from your urine.

Keep reading to find out interesting tips on passing your urine drug test.


How does a urine drug test work?


A urinalysis works by adding certain chemicals to a urine sample for drug detection or using chromatographic techniques.

The process detects recent drug usage from the urine samples of individuals. There are two types of drug tests done with urine:

  •       Immunoassay tests: Antibodies detect trace amounts of substances in a urine sample. If weed or some other suspected substance is detected, there will be a color change. This method is not too reliable in yielding accurate results.

This type of testing is commonly used for body fluids like; urine, blood, and saliva.

  •       Gas chromatography/ Mass spectrometry (GC/MS): This method is more efficient since it can test for various drugs. Its detection mechanism is highly sensitive and accurate for urine testing and analysis. The tester uses gas to separate the components of the sample urine for easy identification.

How long does weed stay in your urine?


The length of time that weed is present in your urine is directly proportional to how frequently you use it. Smoking pot creates a byproduct Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that enters your body system.

THC will then produce metabolites and return to your bloodstream. It is responsible for the mind-altering effects of these drugs. The timeframe for the drugs in your urine is dependent on the following factors.

  •       Amount Consumed: THC consumed in large amounts will be more difficult for the body to break down. The mode of consumption also determines how long the process will take. Weed or cannabis you smoked or vaped will saturate the body faster than eating the drug.
  •       Frequency of consumption: Heavy users will naturally have a longer detection time for weed in their urine. It can be observed up to a month after heavy use. For occasional users, THC and other antioxidants might be out of their bodies in less than 24 hours.
  •       Body type: Research has proven that individuals with a higher body mass and fatty tissue take more time to detoxify. THC is fat-soluble and binds to fatty tissue in the body. Individuals with more fat will record longer retention times for drugs in their urine.
  •       Metabolism: The human body normally detoxifies itself. Metabolism rates differ from one individual to another. Individuals with a higher metabolism rate will eliminate THC quicker than a slower one.
  •       Type of test: For urine tests, marijuana can be detected up to a month after use. Blood tests for a few hours, saliva tests for a maximum of 24 hours, and in rare cases, up to 72 hours. Hair tests can detect for a wider time frame, up to three months after use.

How to choose the best detoxifying method to pass a urine drug test


In choosing the best method for testing, critical factors come into play. These factors will help you identify the best method suitable for you at the moment.

Factors to consider


1) Time of test: Since there are various detoxifying methods, the time of your drug test will determine the method you adopt. For instance, if the test is still one month away, you have enough time to use natural solutions.

However, if the test period is in a 24-hour timeframe, you apply a fast detox method to your system. Pills, detox drinks for weed, and consumption of water and fruit juice will aid the process to be faster.

If all else fails, fake urine products can come in handy to get past the test in 24 hours. However, the legal implications are harsh.

2) Budget: Working with your budget will determine what you can get for your detox plan. Detox tea and pills are common and available on online marketplaces. Sometimes they might cost a decent amount of money to purchase.

If your budget is tight, you might opt for natural home remedies like fruit drinks and drinking lots of water.

3) Medical conditions: If you have health challenges, consider your options carefully. You might need medical advice before using any product you might be allergic to.

How do detoxification and detox remedies work?


Detoxification deals with the removal of toxins from the body. The presence of these toxins makes a urine sample test positive. Detox remedies are “quick fixes” that can help set your body metabolism right for the short or long term.

The liver and kidney in the human body carry out detoxification, although the process will take longer. With scientific research, there are products readily available and safe for human consumption you can take advantage of.

Detox drinks, for example, help to remove contaminants like THC from the bloodstream and move them to your bladder. Whenever you pee, these toxins are eliminated from your body. After consuming the detox drinks, frequent urination will be noted as your body expels the toxins from the bladder.

After this process, your urine sample will be free of toxins.

Best Detox Products for Pee Drug Test


You can find various detox products on the Amazon marketplace and other online and onsite stores. The majority of these products promise to be very effective in eradicating toxins in the body. However, not all meet the claims.

Out of the abundance of detox products, we’ve selected some of the best options. They are Mega Clean and Toxin Rid . Let’s now review and compare these products to know what to expect from them.

Mega Clean


Mega Clean facilitates the natural cleansing of your body’s circulatory, urinary, and digestive systems. It does this through the vitamins and minerals it contains and as a replacement for those lost during the cleansing process. This is why several customers prefer it to many others.

Toxin Rid


Toxin Rid is considered one of the best cleansing enhancers, functioning in different areas of the body, like the liver. This product removes liver fats that could lead to liver damage. This function is a plus to its effectiveness in clearing medications, heavy metals, alcohol, and toxic substances from the body.

Comparison between Mega Clean and Toxin Rid


Mega Clean Toxin Rid
Primarily comes in liquid form. Toxin Rid comes in three forms: dietary fiber, liquid detox, and pre-rid tablets.
Toxin levels in the body of the patient minimize in one hour. Its working process begins within one hour after intake.
Costs approximately $70 on average. Price ranges differ regarding the period of the Detox Program. It has a minimum of approximately $55 and $190 as its maximum price.
Its effect lasts up to five hours but shows a maximum working process at about 3 hours after intake. Toxin Rid effect also lasts for about 5 hours following the time of intake.
Pros of Mega Clean


  •       Facilitates better thinking
  •       Improves users’ immune systems
  •       Helps with weight loss and management
  •       32 oz. present-day herbal cleansing supplement
  •       Cleans the body system within 3 to 4 hours
Cons of Mega Clean


  •       Not very effective on users who regularly smoke or take alcohol
  •       You can still fail the test if the timing is wrong.
Pros of Toxin Rid


  •       Its ingredients are 100% natural
  •       Quick action
  •       Specified Detox Programs for different toxin exposure levels
  •       Toxin Rid is certified and contains no harmful substances
Cons of Toxin Rid


  •       Toxin Rid is relatively expensive
  •       Causes headaches and dizziness due to its fast-cleansing process

Backup plan


In extreme cases where the test date is already closed, synthetic urine can serve as a backup option. Synthetic urine is fake pee available in powder, sometimes liquid form, and sold commercially.

They are similar to actual urine in color, odor, and even temperature to eliminate suspicion. With these products, many people have been able to get past urine tests with ease.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Here are three examples of top synthetic pee products:

TestClear powdered human urine


With over two decades of experience, this product has provided solutions for numerous individuals facing drug tests. The TestClear urine kit contains a temperature strip, synthetic urine powder, and a manual. Its artificial nature is hardly detectable except with advanced testing.

This product is ideal for unsupervised drug tests and can be swapped with your real sample for good results. From user reviews, the heater takes about 50 minutes to get the specimen to body temperature. The heater is air activated and can last an additional six hours once activated.

Also, it has adhesive warmers that heat the sample to body temperature, making it hard to detect. TestClear’s synthetic urine will easily pass a drug screen as the instructions are adhered to.

TestClear also has complementary products to ensure the process is seamless for users. With thermometers, extra warmers, and two different sizes of vials that you can order as extra.



  •       It is convenient to use and can be used at any time.
  •       The attached heater ensures that the sample can be reheated even with a delay in testing.
  •       Comes with clear and detailed directions for use in the manual.
  •       The kit is fully equipped with tools to make the process more convenient.



  •       It does not handle addiction. The THC is still in your system even if you scale through the test.
  •       It can fail if the test is escalated further.

Quick Fix


Quick Fix has generated positive reviews for 25 years in the synthetic urine market. The package contains two ounces of pre-mixed urine; users do not need to add more water to the product. It is one of the guaranteed ways to pass a pee test.

Quick Fix ticks many boxes when it comes to looking like urine. It contains urea, uric acid, and creatine and has the right color hue\ to pass for your regular urine.

It comes with a vial of pre-mixed synthetic urine and a temperature strip attached to the side. It is also packed with a heating pad, instruction leaflet, and elastic band.

The product is easy to use once you go through the manual


  •       It has a track record of success in urine tests.
  •       It is identical to real urine.
  •       Easy to use.
  •       Can be reheated for use.
  •       It promises users a 99.9% chance of success using the product and a full refund if it fails.


  •       The urination gadget is costly.
  •       It cannot mimic the urine of users with kidney problems.

The urinator device


This particular device, Urinator is unique since it even helps beat supervised drug tests. It consists of a pouch attached to a heating element and a tube. This device is battery-powered using 9 Volt Duracell batteries.

It might take some practice to get used to it, but it delivers quality synthetic urine.


  •       The heating element keeps the urine warm for up to 4 hours.
  •       The possibility of the mixture going bad is slim since the components are separated.
  •       It is easy to use
  •       Has a shelf life of up to one year if the seal has not been broken.


  •       If the water measurement is wrong, you will get inaccurate results.
  •       Not too easy keeping it concealed in a supervised environment.

How to pass a drug test in 24 hours home remedies?


Zinc, vitamin B2, and B12 are home remedies that can naturally help you pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally.

There are cases where you would likely be pre-informed before the drug testing procedure. You can opt for natural detoxification if you have enough time before the test.

Natural products are better; however, they take longer to detoxify your body.

Which home remedies work?


Fruit pectin, vitamins, diuretics, and high fluid intake are the best home remedies to pass a urine drug test by detoxifying. Also, exercising and heating your body in saunas can make you excrete THC in your sweat.

What are the chances that home remedies work?


Home remedies work since they act as a catalyst to gently nudge your body into doing its natural detoxification. Some fruits contain essential vitamins that can aid this process.



Some common myths surround detoxification in the human body. While these substances might not be harmful to the body, they are not helpful in detoxifying.

  1.     Cranberry juice or supplements: This wonderful fruit is packed with antioxidants. However, no scientific proof supports the claim that it can detoxify your body from pollutants. It does not help to reduce the amount of THC in the body and will make you fail the drug test.
  2.     Vinegar: While it aids the body in hastening vital functions like digestion, it does not reduce THC levels. Vinegar cannot clean your urine or remove the drugs that will make you fail a test.
  3.     Niacin: Its effectiveness is also based on myths since it does not detoxify the body. Taking this supplement will be a waste of time and not yield the desired results.

Home remedies that work


Some home remedies will help you eliminate contaminants from your body.

  •       Fruit pectin: This is a fiber found in fruits like pears, apples, guavas, and oranges, to mention a few. It helps to detoxify the body, bind to drug metabolites, and remove them from the body as feces.

It has a quick action effect on the body with noticeable effects from one hour and can work up to five hours.

  •       Increased water intake: Water is not called the universal solvent for no reason. The cleansing benefits of drinking enough water cannot be overemphasized. Frequent consumption of liquids like tea and fruit juice can also help.

Water will help to dissolve the drugs in your system, weaken their concentration and flush them out as urine. This method is more effective when you have reasonable time to go on oral therapy before the test.

  •       Saunas: This method is slow but is effective if you have enough time. The increased temperature of the sauna will make you sweat and gradually emit THC into your system. However, Saunas do not aid your blood circulation.

It is also important to stay properly hydrated before and after using a sauna to prevent dehydration.

  •       Try exercise: It is inexpensive and has many health benefits. Exercise causes you to sweat and increase your heart rate, promoting circulation in your body. It also works wonders for your liver, making it filter toxins out of your body, excreted as sweat from your skin.

Exercises like hiking, swimming, brisk walking, aerobics, and sports can work for you.

  •       Vitamin B2 or B12: Drinking large amounts of water or other fluids can make your urine lose its natural yellowish color. This can be quite suspicious during a test.

Vitamin B2 or B12 will help restore your urine to its normal appearance. You must take large quantities of vitamin B a day or two before the test. Next, plenty of water and monitor the color of your urine.

If the urine looks too clear, take an additional 200mg of vitamin B2 or B12 to help. The drug stays in your system for only 24 hours and cannot be detected by the testing labs.

  •       Try diuretics: Normally referred to as water pills, they cleanse your body of sodium and water. Indirectly they also remove toxins like THC from your organs.

Midol is an n example of a diuretic. This drug can help you ace a drug test by removing the metabolites of the drugs from your bladder. It will also cause frequent urination, so it should be taken well before the test.

Two components of Midol’s makeup -Caffeine and Pamabrom increase urine production and help the body flush out drugs.

  •       Zinc Supplements: Zinc helps disguise the presence of THC in your body. Direct addition to your urine will give you a false negative result, although it can be detected and is illegal.

Ingesting 400mg of Zinc supplements 12-18 hours before your test will free you from THC. The zinc masks the presence of THC metabolites from detection. Zinc might not be effective on heavy cannabis smokers since there are larger amounts of oxidants in their bloodstream.

Some possible side effects of Zinc supplements are nausea, diarrhea, headache, and stomach and kidney damage.

What is the best detox drink for weed?


Toxin Rid, Mega clean detox drink, and Rescue Cleaner are the best detox drinks for weed in the market. These three products are tested and trusted and help to detoxify the body speedily.

Quality assurance is important because many inferior products are now flooding the market and claiming quick fixes. Users must be careful not to buy untested products that can have harmful side effects in the long run.

Possible side effects of detox products and methods


While detoxification is important, you must also understand your body and if you have any underlying health issues. Here are some common side effects you might have.

  •       Nausea: The nauseating, sickening feeling can arise from consuming detox products. Excess consumption of fluids can also promote this feeling.
  •       Dehydration: Using a sauna and not consuming enough fluids can leave you dehydrated and cause more problems.
  •       Malnutrition: Fasting is ineffective in eliminating drugs like TBC from your urine. It will only lead to malnutrition and more severe health problems. We strongly recommend that you avoid THC detox products that involve abstinence from food.

Visit our website for more detailed information on the best detox products and methods.



The fastest way to pass a urine test is detoxification and using synthetic urine. Popular natural remedies include zinc supplements, vitamins B2 and B12, and fruit pectin. Physical activity will also help in slowly detoxifying your body.

However, using the best detox products is your safest option if you have a short test window (24-48 hours). They include Toxin Rid, Mega Clean, and Rescue Cleaner. Synthetic urine products include TestClear, Quick Fix, and the Urinator device.

It is advisable to stay off drugs if you handle sensitive jobs like operating machinery. It is unethical to fake a test and put your life and that of others at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What are the does and don’ts of a urine blood test?

  • Dos: One important thing you can do when preparing for a urine test session is to take enough (not excess) water before the slated time. One or two additional cups of water are fine. Also, speak to your doctor about the supplements you’ve been taking. They may be methocarbamol, vitamin c supplements, riboflavin, etc.
  • Don’ts:  Before a urine test, make sure you abstain from foods that could alter the color of your urine, like beets, berries, etc. Also, you must avoid heavy exercises a couple of days before the scheduled time and avoid substances like alcohol, coffee drinks, tea, and tobacco.

How to pass a piss test in 24/48 hours

If you smoke or regularly take alcohol, the best way to pass a piss test in 24/48 hours is by using a detox product. You can find these products online and in onsite markets. But before opting for any, make sure you first speak with a health provider to get the right choice for your body.

However, some good options are Toxin Rid , Mega Clean, and rescue Cleaner.

Where to find clean urine?

Synthetic urine samples are mostly found in online stores like Amazon. They usually come in powder and liquid forms. For the powder urine, all that’s required is a considerable quantity of water in the powder. But while it’s very easy to get these products online, their authenticity is also questionable.

Products like TestClear, Quick Fix, and the Urinator device are your best bet in getting clean urine and passing a pee drug test.

How to pass a supervised and non-supervised urine test?

To pass a supervised or non-supervised urine test, your body must be clean of toxins. Toxins, in this case, refer to substances such as THC, which could appear in the test result. You’ll need a detox product to flush off such toxins from your system. Some of them include Mega Clean and Toxin Rid, available in many online stores.

Method of using warm urine and what you should not do

The normal urine temperature is between 90F and 100F (32-37°C). You must ensure your sample remains in this range, or it will be labeled invalid. Do not use synthetic urine if you risk being prosecuted or if it is a legalized and supervised test.

Also, practice using your kit to heat the sample to the right temperature.

What are the legal problems associated with cheating?

One common legal problem associated with cheating on a urine test in many localizations is the payment of a fine. Cheating is considered a mild offense but the extent to which the faking was made could make it appear as a crime. Some states in the United States, like Texas, see urine cheating as a crime, which, when committed, could lead the offender to jail.