Does Amazon Drug Test Its Staff In 2022?

Like any other competitive job, you have to consider whether you meet the criteria to get a job at Amazon. Drug testing is a big part of meeting that criteria – and you may want to know, does Amazon drug test its staff in 2022? If you really desire to get this job, you’ll have to know how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon. And we have an answer for you.

Amazon is a great company that employs thousands of people, provides a good living wage, and has good benefits. Amazon’s average wage is a respectable $18 per hour. You can work a flexible schedule with night and weekend hours if you need to. And their benefits include long paternity leave and good insurance, which is more than most other companies offer. Overall, it’s a company many people would love to work for.

Does Amazon Drug Test

Many potential employees find themselves asking – does Amazon drug test for weed in 2022? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. While Amazon is quite THC-friendly, they will still test for marijuana if you are suspected of being under the influence on the job. What about other illegal substances?

Amazon does both a background check and pre-employment drug tests for all new employees. This will typically be done later in the job application process. First, you will submit an application. If your application looks good, you will be asked to come in during office hours. You will not receive any money for these hours, since it is still part of the application process.  Here, you will fill out some paperwork and answer eligibility questions for the job you applied for. You’ll also submit your information for a background check. If everything with your paperwork and background checks looks good, you will be drug tested.

Amazon pre employment drug test

Types of testing

The most common kinds of drug tests done for Amazon’s potential employees are saliva and urine tests. For a regular pre-employment screening, a quick saliva test will be used. For drivers, usually a urine test is required. If you have a workplace accident, you’ll take a urine test.

Random testing

In addition to pre-employment drug screening, Amazon does require some random drug tests. These are rare, but they do happen. Random drug tests are usually announced and performed on the same day, so you will not have any time to prepare. Refusing to participate in random drug testing is generally treated the same as a positive test.

Testing privacy

Amazon usually uses a saliva drug test. These are quick, easy ways that they can screen employees. These tests are administered by trained staff and will be supervised. The saliva drug test is performed by scrubbing a mouth swab on the inside of your cheek. You collect the sample yourself while the testing staff monitors you. The sample will be added to a test solution and sent away to a third-party testing site. The third-party will then contact Amazon, letting them know what the results are.

If you apply to be one of Amazon’s drivers or any other job that falls under the jurisdiction of The Department of Transportation, you will be required to take a urine test. Generally, this will be a private test. You will collect your own sample with either a curtain or partial door, obscuring any view of you.

However, if you are caught tampering with a urine sample, you will be required to retest and the test will be observed. Tampering with the sample includes replacing urine with synthetic urine or someone else’s urine, or adding anything to your urine sample.

What substances are tested

You may be screened with a 5-panel test that looks for:

  1. THC
  2. Opiates
  3. PCP
  4. Cocaine
  5. Amphetamines.

Another possibility is the use of a 12 panel drug test. This test looks for:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Cannabis
  3.  PCP
  4.  Amphetamines
  5. Opiates
  6.  Benzodiazepines
  7.  Barbiturates
  8.  Methadone
  9. Propoxyphene
  10.  Quaaludes
  11.  Ecstasy/MDA,
  12. Oxycodone/Percocet.

Before you complete a drug screening, it is safer to assume you will be tested using the 12 panel test. This test gives your employer a lot more information and is not much more expensive than the 5-panel. Amazon usually uses the 12-panel test.

Testing for weed

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Amazon Drug Test Policy 2021

Amazon is one of the most THC-friendly companies to work for. As of 2021-2022, even if you are a delivery driver or operate heavy equipment, Amazon ends testing employees for marijuana.

This is fantastic news for many people who use marijuana recreationally and medicinally. Historically, marijuana has been the most commonly identified drug on saliva, urine, and hair follicle tests. Amazon is one of the many companies recognizing the growing acceptance of weed as a relatively safe product when used in moderation.

In fact, Amazon is currently lobbying for the legalization of marijuana in all 50 states. They are also endorsing two bills that would expunge some marijuana-related crimes and remove federal prohibition of marijuana. Some critics say that Amazon is pushing for the legalization of marijuana because it opens up a new business opportunity for them.

Amazon representatives have stated that they believe they can correct their shortage of delivery drivers by eliminating the THC test. They also state that THC laws disproportionately affect specific demographics, preventing them from having a fair chance in the workplace. Amazon believes that eliminating marijuana from their drug screening requirements will not have a negative impact on their products, services, or safety standards.

While Amazon no longer requires most employees to test negative for THC, it is still against company policy to use marijuana at work or come to work high. If you make an error that causes harm to a person or equipment at work or there is evidence that you are under the influence while on the clock, the testing policy changes.

Failing a test

Failing a drug test does not mean you are automatically disqualified from a job at Amazon. If you fail your test because of opioids or benzodiazepines, a representative for the company will call and ask for a copy of your prescriptions. If you have a current prescription for the medicines, you can be hired without a problem. Without a prescription, though, your application will be withdrawn and you won’t get the job. Testing positive for Schedule 1 substances, like PCP, means you will not be hired.

If you file a workers compensation claim and fail a drug test after the accident, your claim will be denied. If you are involved in a workplace accident, you will be drug tested. You are at risk of losing your job if the company can prove that your accident was caused by your drug use. Failing a random drug test can also result in the termination of your job.

There is some good news, though. If you previously failed a marijuana test while trying to get hired at Amazon, you can reapply right away. Because they have changed their policy regarding the use of cannabis, there is no waiting period for you to reapply. If you fail a drug screen because of a different substance, you will have to wait for 120 days before you can submit a new application.

Jobs that don’t drug test 2022

If you cannot wait that long to reapply, you might want to look at companies that don’t drug test. Some of these include:

  • Google
  • Chipotle
  • Apple
  • Starbucks
  • Microsoft
  • Whole foods
  • Michaels
  • Petsmart
  • Dicks sporting goods
  • Takeaway

The exception to this no-testing rule is for employees operating heavy machinery and in loss prevention.

Amazon positions most often tested

Every new employee will be drug tested before they are officially hired. This includes office workers, delivery drivers, and warehouse employees. These potential employees will be tested for amphetamines and opiates, but not THC.

For Amazon partners, the Amazon dsp driver drug test policy depends on the partner. DSPs are independent delivery organizations that have their own rules, although Amazon encourages them not to test for THC.

Since all new employees are tested, you might wonder, “does Amazon drug test at orientation 2021-2022? Actually, they will test you before orientation. After you submit an application, you’ll go to an Amazon office location to fill out paperwork and be drug tested. After your drug test is negative (or only positive for weed), you’ll receive an orientation and training schedule.

You understand that they test every new employee, but does Amazon warehouse drug test 2021 after an accident? Yes. Amazon reserves the right to perform what they call “impairment checks” after any workplace accident. If you are in any way involved in a workplace accident, you can be tested for drugs and alcohol, and lose your job if it is determined that you were working under the influence.

Amazon random drug tests are most common among drivers and people working with heavy equipment. Occasionally, there could be an office random drug screen, but it is unlikely.

Medical Marijuana Card

With so many people asking about what does Amazon drug test for, there are often a lot of questions regarding medical marijuana cards. First of all, employers cannot discriminate against you if you have a medical marijuana card. In addition, since Amazon and most of their partners are eliminating pre-employment THC screening, it does not make a difference whether you have a medical marijuana card or not.

Having a medical marijuana card does not allow you to use THC on the job or come to work under the influence. Since Amazon no longer fires employees for smoking weed or consuming edibles on their own time, it is important to maintain that trusting relationship with your employer and refrain from coming to work high. If you cause problems at work that are suspected to be caused by drugs, you might have to take an oral drug test at Amazon, and your medical card will not protect you from discipline or termination.

The same answer can be given when asking, does Amazon drug test delivery drivers in 2022? If you use marijuana at home, Amazon will not fire you, whether you have a medical card or not. If you are a driver and they catch you being high on the job – you will lose your job, and maybe not only job.

Special circumstances

During the COVID-19 epidemic, it has been extremely difficult to find, hire, and keep employees. This was one of the reasons that Amazon and other companies stopped testing for THC. Another consideration was that saliva drug tests are high risk for transmitting COVID-19. There was a 15% decrease in drug testing between 2019 and 2020, mostly because it was so difficult to collect saliva samples safely. However, as we continue to move from pandemic to epidemic, most employers, including Amazon, are back to normal testing.


How long does Amazon drug test take?

An Amazon drug test takes between 72 hours and 2 weeks to result. Most tests are back within three days. If you do not pass a pre-employment drug screening, you will receive an email and your application will automatically be withdrawn. If you receive an orientation and training schedule, you can assume that you passed.

Does Amazon drug test corporate employees?

Not all corporate employees at Amazon are drug tested. If Amazon has reason to suspect that a corporate employee is under the influence, they will test them. They might also test new corporate employees if their background check shows any previous drug-related crimes.


While Amazon does drug test their employees, their new policy about THC gives a lot more people an opportunity to work for their company. If you do use THC, you can apply and take your pre-employment screen without worrying. And one more: if you continue to smoke weed while employed, just make sure you are doing it safely, on your own time. Also, ensure that you have time to completely sober up before coming into work.

If you use any other illegal substances, you’ll need to clear them out of your system or detox before applying to work at Amazon. If you fail your test, you’ll have to wait 120 days before you can reapply.