Which US Companies Do and Don’t Conduct a Drug Testing?

Employees or prospective candidates are generally required to drug test in different areas. Some companies conduct every test under supervision and some do not. As a result, swapping samples is a possibility, especially during urine tests.

Drug testing ensures a healthier, drug and alcohol-free workplace. Companies partner up with institutions that use drug test kits for workers’ screening. It is necessary to prevent health problems, a safe workplace, financial loss, and accidents.

Which US Companies do (don’t) conduct a drug test?

To ensure the safe hiring of prospective candidates, employers use testing tools for workers’ screening. Companies like Apple careers is among the many job recruiters that don’t drug test. Commonly known tested drugs are cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, meth, heroin, etc.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the US companies that do and don’t conduct drug testing.

Is it legal to ask to pass such a test in 2023?

Usage of drugs and alcohol consumption affects the ability to work optimally. Moreover, it leads to a high risk of facing an accident at work. Some companies only drug test if the employee is reasonably suspicious. But, some companies conduct a test since pre-employment. Generally, the worker has to pass a standard 5-panel drug test.

In the case of workers’ compensation, the employee has to pass a drug test. When an employee faced an accident on the job, the employer usually requires a drug test. If the employee fails the test, employers may decline the worker’s compensation claim.

A drug test is required by most companies before they decide on the verdict of an accident. Companies assume that employees faced the accident due to intoxication. As a result, they need to pass a drug test in order to reap the suitable benefits.

Most companies that abide by the state drug law mandate pre-employment drug testing. However, private sector companies do not conduct drug tests as long as they abide by local and state laws.

According to state law, it is legal for employees to ask to pass a drug test in 2023. In case an employee does not comply with the law or fails the test, necessary actions must be taken by the employer. At any point in time, employers may conduct a pre-informed drug test on workers. If any employee fails the test, they can be terminated and lose certain worker benefits.

Similarly, if candidates fail drug screening during pre-employment, employers can decline their applications.

Real-Life Workers’ Experience With Drug Tests

This is the case of Rose V. Berry Plastics Corp in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dillion S. Rose was an employee at Berry Plastics where he faced a brutal accident. He seeks a review of the incident by appealing to Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission (WCC). Rose’s appeal was to receive compensation despite testing positive for drug tests after the accident.

WCC ruled by the affected company should have provided compensation and benefits for Rose. Rose was eligible for compensation as per WCC even after testing positive drug tests. The court upheld this claim because there was no clear evidence that the intoxication has led to this accident.

Rose was tested positve for marihina and morphine. This made Berry Plastic Corp believe that Rose was under the influence of drugs during the accident. Hence, any employee benefits should be declined. However, the Oklahoma WCC review of the incident stated otherwise. The court favored Rose’s appeal even after she admitted to smoking marijuana the previous night.

Rose’s hand was crushed when she tried to retrieve a piece of plastic from a guillotine-like machine. The machine was off when she was retrieving the plastic piece. Unfortunately, a co-worker turned on the machine which led to this massacre. Rose stated that she had a clear mind and was aware of the risk. After testimonies from interested parties, the court ruled that Rose’s smoking had nothing to do with the accident.

Top 6 companies that demand drug test passing

There are many types of jobs that do screenings but everyone has unique and different policies regarding drug testing. Candidates are advised to check the company’s policy for detailed information. With that out of the way, here are companies that require drug screening.

  • Aldi

Does Aldi drug test? Aldi requires candidates to submit samples to a separate location. The tests are done separately in Aldi’s medical facility. Only candidates who pass the drug test can give the interview at Aldi.

  • Lowes

Lowes drug test its employees on two occasions to ensure an ideal work environment. The first drug test is during the hiring process just like any other company. However, Lowe’s also drug tests during the event of an accident caused by any employee. The company also drug tests on random occasions based on employees’ positions. Does Lowes drug test? the simple answer is yes.

  • Walgreens

Walgreens drug test is required for prospective candidates during pre-employment. It is a part of the hiring process by the company. Walgreens has robust and strict rules and regulations regarding drug usage. So does Walmart drug test its employee? Yes, Walgreens conducts necessary tests after interviews and before pre-employment.

  • Home Depot

Does home depot drug test its employees? The company does not publicly publish the official drug test policy. However, the company code of conduct and ethics states the prohibition of using illegal drugs and alcohol on company premises. The official statement also prohibits using of drugs and alcohol before coming to work. As a result, anyone who violates the rules will be subject to termination.

  • Walmart

Walmart conducts a pre-employment drug test. It is a part of the hiring process and is acknowledged by the law. However, not all jobs in Walmart require drug tests. For instance, only the deli, TLE, pharmacy, and auto departments need employees to go through tests. Does Walmart drug test? Yes, they do, but not for every job position.

  • Target

A Target drug test is required during pre-employment of certain positions. The drug test of Target is not something special or new. After the candidate is offered the job based on the interview, he/she has to take the pre-employment drug screening. The company usually checks the signs of THC, Opiates, PCP, Cocaine, and Amphetamines using drug test kits.

Top 4 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Here is the list of companies that don’t drug test in 2023.

  • Dollar Tree

Generally, there is no drug test required for Dollar tree. However, Dollar tree drug tests for hiring certain management positions. The testing is done at an authorized facility with a standard 5-panel urine test. In addition,  distribution centers and warehouse jobs also require a pre-employment drug test. This test is done after selected candidates accept the conditional job.

  • Starbucks

Starbucks considers itself a drug-free workplace that rarely conducts any tests on employees. The company does not drug test before or during the hiring process. Does Starbucks drug test? Prospective candidates do not mandate on giving any drug test. However, an occasional drug test can be organized by the branch manager.

  • Whole Food

Whole Food does not drug test its employees and prospective candidates during pre-employment. However, the company follows a strict drug and alcohol-free workplace policy.

  • Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s only requires a qualification and background check. There is no need to pass a drug test at any time of employment.


The purpose of a drug test is to find out any usage of drugs and their misuse. A drug test can be conducted using kits (THC, OPI, PCP, COC) that require a sample of your urine, sweat, spit, hair, and blood.

According to a research, drug testing is not always accurate resulting in falsely accused employees after drug tests. As a result, some believe that conducting drug tests is a bad idea. They believe that it leads to negative effects on the morale of the employee.

There is always a chance of false positive occurrence, especially in a urine drug test. Several medications can lead to a false positive result. For instance, medications like NSAIDs, antidepressants, and dextromethorphan can cause false positives. In such cases, consulting a healthcare provider is the right move.