Does Walmart drug test?

If you plan to send an application or work for Walmart, the question is, does Walmart do a drug test? As one of the leading retail chains, there’s no denying that many people want to work for this company. However, there are also lots of speculations about whether or not Walmart conducts drug tests on potential and existing employees.


Drug testing in the workplace is not a bad policy, especially in keeping an alcohol and drug-free work environment. But, with the legalization of hemp for recreational and medicinal purposes, some people may fail to pass the Walmart drug test. So, here’s everything you need to know to end all your woes about Walmart’s drug testing policy.

Walmart’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy Overview

We all want to work in a drug-free environment where we will feel safe and away from people who abuse THC products. But what are the policies that the company implements to achieve this goal?

Pre-employment: Is There A Drug Test For Onboarding Employees?

Whether you just submitted your resume or passed the final interview, Walmart doesn’t conduct a pre-employment drug test, which applies to all positions – from management to the corporate workforce.

However, there may be an exception for suspicious applicants as a response to the changing landscape of marijuana use for recreational and medicinal purposes. This way, they can ensure that no abusive hemp user can enter their workforce. You may not need a drug test before employment, but it’s best to be ready for any drug test.

Drug Test Requirements

Depending on the position, Walmart has several drug test requirements. It is if they find you suspicious of using drugs or a particular position needs a negative drug test result. Does Walmart drug test stockers? What about other positions? Let’s find out.

Warehouse Workers

The company may require a prospective Walmart warehouse drug test. They will test various substances like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP).


Stokers may also need to pass a pre-employment drug test to ensure products get through to the customers properly. It has the same procedure and requirements as warehouse workers.

Does Walmart drug test online order fillers?

As part of Walmart’s hiring process, online order fillers may need to send a pre-employment drug testing report to maintain the company’s commitment to a drug-free workplace.

Walmart follows standardized drug testing procedures and protocols to maintain consistency and fairness across the board – for all its employees regardless of the position. They often must conduct the drug test at their own approved testing facility to ensure transparency of the urine test.

Then, a certified laboratory will do the analysis. Walmart collaborates with reputable laboratories to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Employment: Does Walmart Drug Test New Workers?

Once you’ve passed the background check, Walmart may ask you to submit a negative drug test result during employment. It is a part of the company’s drug and alcohol-free workplace policy to provide a safe and healthy workplace. The management may conduct a random drug test in case of a work accident. The company may also ask its employees under reasonable suspicion of drug use – depending on the Walmart drug test policy.

What Are The Types Of Drug Tests Walmart Conducts?

A urine test is Walmart’s most common drug test on its employees. The employee will pee on a cup to test for any traces of drugs in their urine. The process is strict because the employee needs to do the urine test at a separate location without bringing anything else.

Walmart’s pre-employment drug screen and random employment testing are vital to ensure a safe and drug-free environment. It aims to maintain a fair workforce that also promotes safety and responsibility.

How long does Walmart take to hire after the interview? Completing the company’s hiring process may take at least one to two weeks. It consists of one to two in-person interviews with management, the possibility of conducting a drug test, background checking, and a physical fitness test.

Walmart’s Stance on THC Testing

Walmart employs millions of associates worldwide, so they have established a clear and strict policy on THC testing to ensure a safe working environment. Though not all employees and applicants need to go through drug tests, it’s better if you can prepare or ask the hiring manager about keeping a drug-free environment to be sure.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive compound in cannabis plants – and various hemp products. This compound has euphoric and sensational effects on the brain. Many people rely on this drug for recreational and medicinal purposes, but THC also shows on drug tests.

Thus, it has implications for employees who consume hemp products. THC has provided several acclaimed benefits to some users, but it can do more harm than good with abuse – and that’s what drug testing is all about.

Walmart’s Policy Regarding THC Testing

Walmart THC tests depend on several factors. While not all prospective employees must submit to drug tests, those safety-sensitive positions may need to submit a negative result.

In addition, Walmart retains the right to run drug tests at random intervals, following events, and if there is a suspicion that drug usage negatively influences an employee’s performance or behavior.

The corporation built an ethics and compliance program to assure compliance with laws and regulations across all its sites and encourage ethical behavior and decision-making. It consists of several essential strategies and performance indicators that allow Walmart to cater to the unique requirements of its international operations.

Types Of Drugs That Walmart Tests

Does Walmart drug test for weed? Yes, apart from it, other types of drugs they test are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines. A positive test result or tampering with the test may lead to disciplinary actions or employment termination.

Common Concerns And Misconceptions About THC Testing at Walmart

Despite Walmart’s selective THC testing policy, there are still many misunderstandings among existing employees and even those just about to start. Here are some misconceptions, to name a few:

  • Drug testing for all employees regardless of the position.
  • The employee shoulders the payment for the drug testing.
  • Walmart only tests marijuana.

So, addressing these myths for your peace of mind and getting precise information from the management is essential.

Walmart’s Random Drug Testing

Once you work at Walmart, the company may do random drug testing to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Although legal in some states, abusive use of THC and marijuana may cause mental illnesses and poor behavior. As a result, it may cause severe consequences in the workplace, like impaired judgment, decreased productivity, increased accidents, and potential harm to others.

Thus, random drug testing is essential and an effective tool to deter employees from using ‘too many’ drugs. These policies prioritize the well-being of their employees, the brand, and, most significantly, the customers.

Does Walmart have a distribution center drug test? Most of the time, the company urges employees to do drug testing at their facilities. This way, their partnered laboratories can provide clear and untampered results.

How Many Times Does Walmart Conduct Random Drug Testing?

Walmart knows how important routine drug testing is to uphold a drug-free workplace. According to several variables, including state laws, the particular job role, and the employee’s performance history, the frequency of drug tests may vary. Typically, Walmart conducts annual random drug tests continuously.

What Are The Criteria For Random Drug Testing?

Walmart employs a fair and impartial process when choosing which employees to subject to random drug testing. The selection process often involves randomly selecting individuals across different positions and departments. At the same time, the exact criteria may vary depending on several factors, including job responsibilities and the company’s policies.

Doing it ensures that every worker, regardless of tenure or level of employment, has an equal chance of being chosen for testing. So, having a Walmart random drug test is nothing to worry about.

What Are The Consequences of a Positive Drug Test Result?

A positive drug test result at Walmart might significantly impact the employee. The penalties may change depending on the particulars, such as the employee’s work history, the results of prior drug tests, and the gravity of the offense.

A positive drug test result typically results in disciplinary measures, including job termination. However, Walmart also assists staff members struggling with substance misuse, supporting recovery and helping people beat addiction.

Walmart exhibits its dedication to the health and safety of its staff and consumers by conducting frequent tests and upholding tight policies. The company seeks to encourage a culture of accountability and deter drug use within its staff through proper personnel selection and suitable penalties for positive drug test results.

Walmart’s Hiring Process and Drug Testing

What’s the standard hiring process and drug testing of Walmart? Here’s an overview of what an applicant must go through to work for this company successfully.


Like other companies, the hiring process starts with applying. You can check Walmart’s website; at the bottom, you can find the careers page. You can also check it in person at the nearest local Walmart store and look for openings. If your application meets the requirements, you may proceed to the next stage of the hiring process.

Screening and Assessment of the Applicant

This process involves conducting different screening and assessments to evaluate the ability and skills of the applicant in doing the job. It includes skills tests, personality assessments, and background checking of the candidate profile. The test may vary depending on the position you’re applying.

In-person Interview Stage

After passing the screening and assessment, the applicant will get an invitation for a face-to-face initial and/or final interview. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase your experience, skills, and what makes you a perfect fit for the position. It is essential to prepare yourself for the possible questions. Research the company, the duties and responsibilities you’re about to have and ensure you have a clear head on the day of your interview.

Highlight your strengths, and think before you say anything, especially when assessing how you handle various situations. You can also prepare questions about the role, Walmart’s culture, and expectations.

Drug Testing at Walmart

Walmart’s employment procedure may include drug testing for some positions. The drug testing policy aims to provide consumers and employees with a secure, drug-free workplace. It’s crucial to remember that not all applicants must submit to a drug test, but only in certain situations.

Walmart may frequently test for drugs if necessary, such as if a candidate has an accident or gets hurt at work. If the company requests to conduct a drug test as a pre-employment requirement, you should abide by the rules if they apply to you.

How Long Does Walmart Contact Drug Testing After The Interview?

After the final interview, you may get a call one to two weeks later, depending on the number of applicants. Some factors that may influence the hiring timeline include:

  • Number of applicants – If there is a high volume of applications for a particular position, it may take longer for the hiring team to review and process them.
  • Position availability – The hiring timeline may also depend on the availability of the position. The process may be expedited if there is an immediate need to fill the role.
  • Background checks and screenings – Background checks and other screenings can take time to complete, impacting the timeline.

If they ask for a drug test, the results go out 1 to 2 days after the collection date of the specimen. Does Walmart drug test at orientation? If needed, the company conducts it always after the final interview.

Updates to Walmart’s Drug Testing Policy

Now that you have the answer to the question ‘Does Walmart drug test,’ are there any updates to Walmart’s testing policy? Currently, their policy has remained the same. However, as the company strives for a safer and more efficient workplace – expect that the rules may change in time. It is beneficial for aligning the company policy to the evolving social norms and legal frameworks of consuming THC products.

Walmart currently focuses on a narrower range of substances, excluding certain legal substances in specific locations. Random drug testing doesn’t occur regularly unless situations involve reasonable suspicion of substance abuse or after an accident.

The business understands that helping workers strike a healthy work-life balance and dealing with personal difficulties has a beneficial impact on productivity and job satisfaction. Walmart provides tools, including employee support programs, counseling services, and educational efforts, in addition to policy adjustments to enhance the general well-being of its staff.

Walmart provides tools, including employee support programs, counseling services, and educational efforts, in addition to policy adjustments to enhance the general well-being of its staff.


Drug testing for its potential and existing employees is a standard procedure for most establishments, including Walmart. It’s a huge enterprise that operates worldwide, so the company commits to providing a safe work environment. There may be future changes regarding their hiring process and drug testing requirements, so be aware of the policies.

If you’ve been using hemp products for recreational or medicinal purposes, get to know in advance if there would be a drug test for the position you want to apply. Better yet, always assume that there will be a drug test. So, you also need to prepare for it with several THC cleansing products.

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