Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review

The stakes of failing a drug test are usually relatively high. After all, authorities like the police or your employer typically hand out these punishments. So they can decide whether they’re employed or unemployed. The likelihood of receiving a urine drug test increases because such tests are almost ubiquitous. Tests that use urine are more accurate than any others, and much less expensive than hair follicle tests. Preparing for urine test is essential because it could cost you your job. But what specific steps would you take to achieve that goal?

You can buy a wide variety of items marketed as safe and effective urine substitutes. Unfortunately, many of these synthetic urine items are bogus attempts to steal your money and confidence before the results come back. You can’t take any chances with the success of your fake pee for urinalysis during a screening. Considering the prevalence of such knockoffs, it’s better to examine Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine to pass drug test.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

The best synthetic urine 2022 is just one of the many drug test solutions Clear Choice has provided for its customers for years. Before passing a drug test, let’s read some Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine reviews.

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Artificial urine, known as Clear Choice Sub Solution, is a product that can be purchased. On the market, you can typically get fake urine to pass drug test samples in liquid form. This, however, is a powdered urine that only requires water to activate.

That’s why Clear Choice has a significant market share compared to its competitors. When premixed samples sit around unused, they tend to separate.

The likelihood of such an occurrence is astronomically low for a powdered sample. You can choose to combine the powder with water right before usage if that’s more convenient for you.

Powdered Clear Choice’s longevity is another reason why it’s the most excellent option available. Its powdered form is stable and will not go wrong or expire during storage. The solution is helpful if you plan on undergoing frequent pee tests.

Clear Choice Sub Solution’s Ingredients

You may be curious about the ingredients used to create Clear Choice Sub Solution. The most notable aspect is the mixture’s resemblance to pee.

Faulty components may cause unintended consequences. For this reason, you shouldn’t buy anything in a hurry. You might be wondering, “can labs detect synthetic urine 2022?” But  Synthetic samples can’t pass rigorous lab tests.

A product like this one should utilize components found in human urine. Specifically, it’s in the Clear Option Sub Solution, which includes:

  • Uric acid
  • Potassium
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium
  • Urea

Clear Choice Sub Solution has an excellent harmony between creatinine, specific gravity, and pH. They increase heat activation, which makes distinguishing fake pee for drug test more challenging. The primary benefit is that it is chemically identical to genuine pee because of the urea and uric acid.

In contrast to other fake urine brands, Clear Choice Sub Solution does not contain the chemical as a preservative. Lab professionals will check for biocides’ presence to ensure the sample they are working with is authentic and not tainted.

Why Clear Choice?

Let’s dive into Sub Solution synthetic urine review. This product comes in powder form is significant. It seems like real urine to fool a drug test and produce a negative result. There is no chance of failing the drug test because it contains no drug contaminants.

This urine is made by Clear Choice, which has been producing identical items for over two decades and tipped the scales in their favor. Rescue Cleanse is one of the market’s more successful detox drinks, and it’s one of theirs. This explains why they’ve been around for so long and established a strong foundation in their chosen market.

The Clear Choice Sub Solution comprehensiveness is another highlight you couldn’t ignore. Clear Choice Sub Solution is no exception to the rule that all the fake urine products should have the requisite amounts of creatinine, pH, uric acid, specific gravity, and urea. However, this product is capable of much more.

Clear Choice Sub Solution contains up to eleven additional chemical components and the essential components. As a result, any laboratory test designed to differentiate between real and fake urine will have difficulty doing so.

Why is it the case? Four aspects of Clear Choice Sub Solution are sufficient to cause confusion amongst laboratory personnel.


The technician at the lab will first check the temperature of the urine. Clear Choice Sub Solution, as may be assumed, has thought about making the sub solution the same temperature as actual urine.

Resembling the hue of actual urine

Pee in a bottle is only one component of synthetic urine. The warm yellow hue of genuine urine is one of the critical characteristics detected in a test. Clear Choice has developed a method to dye their product to mimic the natural color of urine.

Keeping the pH in check

Clear Choice has carefully controlled the pH levels of both the synthetic and the actual urine. The makers have incorporated the substances that give genuine urine its acidic pH.

Getting the right level of creatinine

With the right creatinine level, the laboratory staff will have difficulty telling you that your body did not produce urine.

Clear Choice Sub Solution

What makes Clear Choice the best one?

It’s important to remember that not all brands of fake pee are created equal. Two main features set it apart. Unlike competing for similar solutions, Clear Choice does not artificially inflate the efficacy of its product by including unnecessary chemicals. Second, your sample will stay warm thanks to the included heating powder.

Urine heating pads are a standard item to buy with synthetic urine. Your fake pee has to be heated, which is an unclear and risky process, and the extra product will add heft to your kit. It’s possible that the pad’s readings aren’t reliable. Clear Choice Sub Solution, however, eliminates the need to carry extra layers of clothing into the lab so that you can work comfortably regardless of the weather. But remember – if the synthetic urine is overheated, it will be rejected immediately.

Clear Choice Sub Solution has been an industry leader since 2003. Positive product reviews, for the most part, will provide a realistic picture of how well the product works. And the pricing structure is another area where customers may have complaints. You wouldn’t mind carrying a lighter wallet if it meant gaining that promotion or landing that job. Also smuggling it into the testing room is simple and can be done by any customer.

Because it is lightweight and compact, Clear Choice Sub Solution can be taken with you wherever you go. That way, you won’t be stuck somewhere unreachable if you have to take a pee test out of the blue. You will undoubtedly succeed if you make an honest effort to adhere to the guidelines.

Where can you buy Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Maybe you are also looking for the answer to “Where to buy Sub Solution synthetic urine?”. Since Clear Choice Sub Solution is not sold in stores, the best location to buy it is directly from the Official Manufacturer. While ordering it online by searching “Sub Solution synthetic urine near me” might sound a little tricky, if you purchase it via their official website, you can enjoy the various bonuses, including expedited shipping and discounts.

An additional benefit of placing an order directly with Clear Choice is that it allows you to sidestep the various knockoffs that have appeared on the market in recent years. Many dishonest people are ready to make a quick buck by peddling the knockoffs of a well-known brand. Bringing a phony urine sample to a genuine urine drug test doesn’t have to warn you about the consequences.

How To Pass Urine Drug Test Using Clear Choice Sub Solution

Careful mixing is required while making a synthetic urinalysis. A urine sample containing this solution would fail a drug test if used in the usual way. If you heat the fake urine wrong, even by a few degrees, a lab can discover that it’s synthetic urine. In contrast, the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine kit has a success rate of 99.99% if the components are combined as directed.

The Sub Solution synthetic urine instructions for making the fake urine are as follows:

  1. Open up the container for mixing. Then, pour some warm water into the mixing bowl.
  2. Add tap water to the powdered urine in the mixing container.
  3. Screw on the cap and shake gently. Shake it up until the powder is completely incorporated into the liquid.
  4. Add a small amount of the heat activator powder to the solution unless you plan to heat the formula with your body heat.
  5. Look at the temperature stripon the mixing container to ensure the mixture is in the correct range.
  6. If the temperature reading on the heat activator powder is blank, the mixture is below 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding one-third of the heat activator powder may be necessary if the urine combination is too excellent. On the other hand, if the temperature strip reads somewhere between 88 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need to add 1/4 of the vial of heat activator.
  7. Maintain the temperature between 94 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit by changing the heat activator powder. If the solution exceeds 102 degrees Fahrenheit, the container should be placed on a cold surface.

You don’t want it to cool all the way, so keep the temperature strip pointing up and keep an eye on it. This fake urine kit is more convenient than regular urine kits since it does not require hours of preparation time to combine.

The powdered pee and activator can be combined minutes before an unexpected urine test, making it a practical and portable option. Do not overmix the activator powder into the solution, as this may cause the fake urine sample to overheat and become ineffective. This is the procedure of how to use Sub Solution synthetic urine, Hope you find this useful.

What additional products can be used with Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

One of the most reliable brands of fake urine is called Sub Solution. However, it can be quite costly and is not cheap. You’ve hit the jackpot if you’re trying to find options. Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit’s closest alternatives are the Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit, and the Urinator.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

Test Clear has been operating for quite some time. Thus it has built up a solid reputation among consumers. Dehydrated urine is used instead of a synthetic urine formula. Since the solution has never flunked a drug test, it is truly one-of-a-kind. In the end, it is just human pee.

What’s more, it’s a lot cheaper than the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit. The only catch is that it’s trickier to heat and maintain warmth than Sub Solution. However, the following item is ideal for such a situation.

The Urinator

Another option is the Urinator, a synthetic urine package that includes a urination apparatus. The Urinator, unlike other synthetic urines, does not require refrigeration and may be heated up to body temperature four hours in advance. This will allow you to avoid detecting your drug test by hiding the item.

The sole drawback of this option is that it is more costly than the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit and has more detailed instructions. However, once prepared, it is among the greatest long-lasting fake urines available. Thus the cost is justified.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

The business was established in 2003. This means that it has been in use for 18 years. Several US, Canada, and Europe buyers have purchased the goods. Consumers can contact customer service if they have a query regarding the company or its products. You have the option of contacting them by phone or by sending an email.

  • Phone: 1-800-330-4367

Although the site boasts that it is a certified solution, it fails to provide evidence of this claim. Their revolutionary heat activator delivers heat to the underlying substance to activate it.


On the manufacturer’s official website, the price of Sub Solution is listed as $75. Looking around at similar things, you can see that it costs more than twice as much. Okay, so there’s that. You have to spend for quality if you want to buy anything that helps.

Purchasing this item is like making a wise financial move. You’ll realize it was well worth the investment when it finally begins functioning. Don’t give up your salary for such a meager reward!! You should keep this on hand if you are applying to numerous jobs or if you are subject to obligatory screenings frequently. Having this product on hand when you need it eliminates the need to wait for shipping.

Pros and cons


  • The powdered form of urine effectively eliminates the risk of segregation.
  • Proven track record of producing consistent outcomes
  • Low-cost and simple to implement
  • Free standard shipping via USPS on all orders over $135 inside the United States.
  • If you buy a Practice Kit, a Sub Solution, or a Quick Luck, you save $30.
  • Adding four items from the same category to your cart will get a 25 percent discount.


  • It requires water to be blended in.
  • As a solid, it’s more cumbersome to work with than a liquid.


Will Sub Solution function well in high temperatures?

Because testing facilities will check the temperature of the synthetic urine sample, Sub Solution will not function properly in warm weather. The temperature must be lower than an average human body to indicate success; otherwise, the experiment has failed. Additionally, the chemical makeup of a sample of Sub Solution might shift when subjected to extremely high temperatures.

Is Sub Solution Effective?

Yes. Sub Solution might be mistaken for the real thing to all intents and purposes. To calibrate their instruments, scientists needed “the perfect urine,” so they created it. This “perfect urine” is synthetic urine, like Sub Solution.

How Detectable Is Sub Solution?

2022 lab testing standards barely detect Sub Solution. The Sub Solution formula has the proper amounts of uric acid, urea, and creatinine. The pH and specific gravity, even color, bubbles, and scent, are on track.

Standard biocide testing procedures cannot detect the use of Sub Solution. This is because Sub Solution, unlike many other cheaper synthetic urine kits, does not contain biocides.

Is there a Biocide in the Sub Solution?

Again, no. Adding a biocide to synthetic urine is a bad idea, especially because laboratories have begun screening for its use by looking for traces of biocides. To avoid detection, Sub Solution is made without the use of any biocides.

Is Sub Solution Microwaveable?

A heat activator is included in the Sub Solution, and it has been patented for use in this context. Lithium chloride granules are the best approach to bring Sub Solution up to room temperature.

Sub Solution, however, is microwaveable. Then, combine everything and heat it for about 10 seconds in the microwave. The temperature can be read off the temperature strip included with the Sub Solution’s plastic packaging. The ideal temperature range is between 94- and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Customer Reviews


Sub Solution Review 1

Well worth the money and easy to follow – especially if you are prone to body aches and pains.

Sub Solution Review 2

The existence of this product is a blessing. He bought this product 16 months ago. After over a year, he was afraid it wouldn’t turn on, but he didn’t have time to get a replacement.

Sub Solution Review 3

The product rescued his six-figure employment. A month before the test, he successfully finished a detoxification program for cannabis. After passing his physical, he received an orientation email the next day.


Uncertain findings do not constitute a positive outcome. Many things unrelated to the product could lead to an invalid/inconclusive result. Sometimes it’s impossible to draw any firm conclusions from the data, but rest assured that this has nothing to do with the quality of the Sub Solution.


To pass a drug test with flying colors, use Clear Choice Sub Solution. It is one of the most reliable products to pass a urine screening. Don’t forget to adhere carefully to the guidelines provided.

The procedure is easy, and you can start using it right away. The product has many knockoffs, so be wary if you decide to purchase it. To ensure you receive a genuine product, buy it directly from the maker’s website.

Finding local retailers that stock Clear Choice Sub Solution is easy if you do internet research.If you don’t feel comfortable with this approach, there are other ways to purge toxins from your body.