UPass Synthetic Urine Review: Honest Outlook On The Product

What Is Synthetic Urine And Why Do You Need It?

If you’re familiar with workplace drug testing, you must have come across UPass fake pee at some point. In this comprehensive UPass synthetic urine review, we’ll look into all aspects of using this fake pee to pass a drug test – from the ingredients, effectiveness, and price, to the pros and cons, customer reviews, and much more.

We’ve all come across someone smoking weed or indulging in another substance. Perhaps you dabble in recreational drug use every so often. In today’s world, this is nothing extraordinary. However, if you’re seeking a job or looking to maintain your current position, these extracurricular activities could present a problem. Employers often turn to pre-employment drug tests to create a drug-free work environment. If your test comes back positive for drugs you could get fired or miss out on a dream gig.


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When the stakes are this high, people turn to drug testing solutions to try and game the system. And synthetic urine has proven to be the most effective solution against a urinalysis test. However, not just any synthetic urine brand will get the job done. Testing technology is now more advanced than ever and quality fake urine is your only shot at passing a drug test. Excellent fake pee will not only look like real urine but its composition will be just right. UPass is one such product.

UPass Synthetic Urine: What Is It?

UPass synthetic urine is a dominating brand of fake pee that is manufactured by Safeguard Labs. This product has been in the market for over a decade now and it boasts an impressive track record.

As drug screening technologies evolve, Safeguard Labs have been able to stay ahead by consistently upgrading the UPass formula. Currently, you can purchase the latest variation of this product, UPass 8.4. Each bottle of UPass fake pee is pretested in the Safeguard laboratory. Therefore, you’re always assured that you’re receiving a reliable product that will pass a urine drug test.

UPass Ingredients List and Characteristics

UPass synthetic urine contains the main constituents of biological pee including:

Therefore, if a validity check is conducted, it will detect the right levels of these compounds.

Just like actual urine, UPass fake pee will have a pH of 4.5 – 8. Its specific gravity is also within the acceptable range for normal human urine. A testing facility may be on the lookout for discrepancies in these values. Major deviations would typically indicate that the urine sample has been adulterated.

In addition to similar chemical properties, UPass is bound to pass a physical test with flying colors. For starters, Safeguard Labs have done a great job of replicating the color of actual urine. Further, UPass smells just like the real deal. You can even recreate the frothing effect often observed in urine by giving the fake pee a little shake. UPass closely mimics human urine in all the ways that matter. This close attention to detail makes this product the best fake pee for a drug test.

What Is Included In The UPass Synthetic Urine Kit?

Before we delve into how to use UPass synthetic urine, let’s familiarize ourselves with the package contents. When you order a UPass fake pee kit, you’ll receive:

  • A 3 oz bottle of UPass synthetic urine with an attached temperature strip
  • A flip-top bottle cap for easy handling
  • 1 hand warmer
  • 1 rubber band
  • Detailed instructions

These items are pretty standard across the board, and they are just enough to help you beat a urine drug test.

UPass Synthetic Urine

How Does UPass Compare To Other Popular Synthetic Urine Products?

It’s only natural to wonder: can labs detect synthetic urine in 2023? The short answer is – sometimes. The long answer is – it’ll depend on the brand of fake pee. Let’s take a look at how UPass compares to other popular types of synthetic urine.

UPass VS Powdered Urine Testing Kit

The powdered urine testing kit is a synthetic pee brand that is manufactured by TestСlear, another industry leader in drug testing solutions. Unlike UPass, this product comes in powder form. Therefore, it’s up to the user to mix it with water and make a fake pee sample. This extra step can be a little tricky since over or under-dilution would be a dead giveaway.

TestClear’s powdered urine kit comes with:

  • A vial of powdered synthetic urine
  • 1 Transport vial
  • Temperature strip
  • 2 air-activated heaters
  • Step-by-step instructions

Over the years, this product has recorded an excellent pass rate. It bears the same physical and chemical properties as actual pee, an aspect that makes it hard to detect. However, with a price point of $49.95, Testclear’s Powdered Urine kit is significantly more expensive than UPass.

UPass VS Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Similar to UPass, Quick Fix synthetic urine comes as a pre-mixed liquid. This brand of fake pee is manufactured by Spectrum Labs and it has been in the market for almost 2 decades.

Quick Fix is a widely popular and reliable brand of fake urine. It not only resembles but also smells like actual pee. Spectrum Labs have incorporated compounds such as creatinine and urea into the formula. The pH and specific gravity also correspond to that of real urine and therefore,  this specimen will pass for human pee in a drug test.

Each Quick Fix synthetic urine kit contains:

  • Bottle of pre-mixed synthetic urine
  • Temperature strip
  • Flip-top cap
  • Heating pad

Quick Fix users can choose between a 2-ounce or 3-ounce bottle. This would cost $29.95 or $39.95 respectively. This makes the brand relatively more expensive than UPass.

Comparing Different Synthetic Urine Brands

UPass TestClear Powdered Urine Kit Quick Fix
Form  Pre-mixed Liquid Powder Pre-mixed liquid
Volume  3 oz 2.5 oz 2 oz/ 3 oz
Price  $29.95 $49.95 $29.95/ $39.95
Ingredients  Creatinine, urea, and uric acid Creatinine, urea, and uric acid Creatinine, urea, and uric acid

How To Pass a Urine Drug Test with UPass Synthetic Urine?

UPass synthetic urine comes premixed and ready to use. To pass a urinalysis test, users need only ensure that the temperature of the sample lies within the correct range.

On average, human urine will have a temperature of 98.60F (370C) – a value that is equivalent to the typical body temperature. Your urine temperature may, however, be slightly higher or lower due to normal variations in body temperature. Once urine exits the body, it will begin to cool down.

During the drug screening process, the collection person will need to check the temperature of the pee within 4 minutes. Allowing for variations in body temperature, the pee sample should have a temperature of 94 – 1000F. Readings outside this range would indicate that the donor has tampered with the specimen. In this case, you may be asked to retake the test under more strict conditions.

To avoid such a scenario, you need to follow these UPass synthetic urine instructions to a T.

  1. Open the synthetic urine bottle and warm the sample in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Screw the bottle cap back on and shake the bottle to evenly distribute the heat.
  2. Check the temperature strip to verify that the temperature reading is within the correct range of 94 to 1000F. If the sample is too cold, heat it for an additional 5 to 10 seconds. Conversely, if you have a sample that is too hot allow it to cool down to 1000F.
  3. Using the provided rubber band, attach the hand warmer to the fake pee bottle. This step will help keep the temperature of the fake pee in the desired range for at least 6 hours.
  4. Once you’re ready to submit the sample, verify that its temperature matches up with the standard body temperature values of 94 – 1000F. Shake the UPass pee bottle to trigger foaming and empty its contents into the sample cup.

We have some more useful tips on how to pass the urine drug test with synthetic urine in our article.

What Additional Products Can Be Used With UPass Synthetic Urine?

While the UPass fake pee kit is enough to pass a urine drug test, you may need to stock up on extra accessories. If you’re anticipating a higher degree of scrutiny, for instance, products that help you conceal the fake pee would come in handy. Some items that can be used with UPass synthetic urine include;

Synthetic urine belt

The synthetic urine belt kit is one of the most effective accessories when it comes to concealing and delivering fake pee. It consists of an empty medical-grade bag attached to an elastic band that can either go around your chest or waist.

All you need to do is fill the piss pouch with fake urine. You’ll then apply a heat pad and strap on the synthetic urine belt. During the test, you’ll discreetly release a valve and a tube attached to the piss pouch will deliver the fake pee into your sample cup.

While the synthetic urine belt is not bulky, you’ll want to avoid tight-fitting clothes on the day of the test. To familiarize yourself with the mechanics, it’s recommended that you try out the belt beforehand. You can use warm water in place of fake pee during the trial runs.

Leg Strap

The leg strap is a cheaper and less elaborate alternative to the synthetic urine belt. As the name implies, a leg strap consists of an adjustable band that goes around your thigh. It’ll also have a small pouch where you can slip your fake pee bottle. A leg strap minimizes the risk of the pee sample falling out. It also helps to keep the fake urine warm thanks to body heat.

Heating Pads

Once you submit a urine sample for drug testing, the technician will immediately take a temperature reading to ascertain that it’s not too hot or too cold. If the temperature of the specimen falls outside the correct range, it is deemed invalid. Therefore, if you’re using fake pee it’s vital that you get the temperature right.

Extra heating pads would help to account for any unforeseen delays and mishaps on the testing day.

Prosthetic Penis

If someone will be in the room with you as you collect a urine sample you can’t submit fake pee, right? Well, not exactly. Men can look into a prosthetic dong that looks and operates like the real thing.

The fake penis comes attached to a waistband and straps that keep everything in place. Of course, you’ll need to fill this urination device with the fake pee beforehand. During the test, you’ll discreetly release a valve and “pee” into the sample cup. This easy-to-operate device gives a lifelike simulation of peeing making it the go-to solution for supervised tests.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the process of heating, concealing, and delivering fake pee in advance. Having to figure out things on the test day can be so nerve-wracking that technicians pick up on your unease. If you’ve however conducted several trial runs, you’ll be undertaking a process that you’re already familiar with resulting in a smoother experience.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

UPass synthetic urine has been on the market since 2009, and it’s manufactured by Safeguard Labs.

You can reach the UPass team via email – at [email protected] or by phone – at 1-888-841-4803. Their working hours are between 9 AM and 7 PM from Monday through Friday.


If you’re curious about where to buy UPass synthetic urine, we’d recommend shopping at the UPass official website. On this site, a UPass synthetic urine kit retails at $29.95. For this price, you’ll get everything you need to pass a urinalysis test including fake pee, a temperature strip, and a hand warmer. UPass is, therefore, one of the more affordable brands of high-quality fake pee.

If you’re regularly required to take urine drug tests you can save by purchasing the synthetic urine value pack. This bundle deal gets you 4 UPass pee bottles for the price of 3. That’s an extra bottle of fake urine for free!

If you are wondering where to buy synthetic pee from authorized resellers, you may come across different prices for the UPass synthetic urine kit. Moreover, it is quite difficult to find synthetic urine at Amazon, Walmart, or Walgreens. You will have to be more persistent and look for other local sellers or just stick with the official website which is the safest way.


  • UPass synthetic urine is reasonably priced at $29.95.
  • Each batch of fake pee is pre-tested at the lab.
  • UPass boasts a high pass rate.
  • It has a long shelf life of up to two years.
  • This product closely mimics the appearance, odor, and properties of actual urine.
  • Unlike powdered or concentrated fake pee, UPass synthetic urine comes premixed and is, therefore, easy to use.


  • Depending on the level of scrutiny, you may need to purchase additional accessories such as a synthetic urine belt, leg strap, or prosthetic penis. This would be an extra cost.
  • If you’re caught trying to cheat a drug test, you’ll have to face the consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UPass synthetic urine detectable?

No. UPass is designed to closely mimic the look, feel, and odor of human urine. It also takes into account the properties that a lab may test for including pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, and uric acid levels. UPass is therefore the ideal, toxin-free substitute for biological urine.

What temperature should UPass synthetic urine be?

If you’re using fake urine to pass a drug test, the sample should be at a temperature of 94 – 1000F. These values are consistent with the typical body temperature and account for a 4-minute cooling period.

Where can I buy UPass synthetic urine near me?

We’d recommend buying UPass synthetic urine online, especially from the UPass official website. They offer overnight shipping in a discreet package, so you should be able to get your package fast and inconspicuously. You’ll also find several licensed resellers online, although prices will vary from site to site.

Can I microwave UPass?

Yes. You’ll need to heat UPass in the microwave for about 10 seconds to achieve the desired temperature range of 94 -1000F. You can also warm the fake pee using the provided hand warmer, though this process will take significantly longer.

Is there UPass in CVS?

No. You can’t purchase UPass at CVS, Walgreens, or even Walmart. However, some specialized smoke shops may stock UPass and other quality fake pee products.

Does UPass work for cannabis?

Yes. UPass is a toxin-free alternative to biological urine. Therefore, it should not contain any of the substances you’re being tested for, including marijuana.

Customer Reviews

Over the past years, UPass users have taken to social media to share their experiences and useful tips and tricks. Let’s take a look at some UPass synthetic urine reviews from Reddit users.

Positive UPass Reviews

This user submits UPass fake pee for a pre-employment drug test since an ex-boyfriend had previously used the product to secure a job. They later gave an update that UPass had worked and they got the job.

UPass Synthetic Urine Review 1

This individual has successfully used UPass fake pee for urinalysis over and over again.

UPass Synthetic Urine Review 2

This user utilized a microwave to heat the fake pee to the recommended temperature of 1000F. They concealed the sample in their chest region and this helped to maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine.

UPass Synthetic Urine Review 3

Negative UPass Review

The legitimacy of this review is questionable seeing as the person commenting claims that their cousin’s drug test was positive for fentanyl. This is just not possible with a toxin-free laboratory pee sample.

UPass Synthetic Urine Review 4


There you have it! We hope that our detailed review answers any questions you might have about using UPass synthetic urine to pass the drug test.

It’s evident that Safeguard Labs have thought about all aspects of making quality fake urine. Taking into account the physical characteristics, UPass is virtually indistinguishable from human urine. The manufacturer takes it a step further by incorporating the same components found in biological pee into the formula. All you have to do is submit a synthetic urine sample that is within the correct temperature range. This should be a straightforward process since each UPass kit comes with a temperature strip and hand warmer. Without a doubt, UPass ranks high on the list of the best synthetic urine of 2023.

Judging by online customer reviews, most users have also been able to beat drug tests using this affordable yet effective product. If you’re facing a urinalysis test and you need some extra help, UPass is certainly the way to go.