As we enter our second year here at Aptitude Research Partners, I’m so incredibly proud of the work we’ve done thus far. And I can’t wait to share what we have in store next. So, without further ado, here is our planned Agenda for 2017.



Surveys. We just released a look at the major findings of our latest Culture study, which you can find here. Data is at the core of everything we do, so have four major surveys planned for next year, covering a wide spectrum of HCM topics. All of our research seeks to not only understand what people are doing, but why, and whether it has a business impact.

Index Reports. Our Index Reports have disrupted the marketplace, delivering insights beyond the demo, helping organizations match their needs to the right provider based not just on features and functionality, but on a deep understanding of organizational culture and how they partner with their users. Each report contains key trends, buyer personas, and provider profiles. Our next Index on Payroll will publish in the next few weeks.

Overview Reports. The HCM Technology Landscape is complex, and new categories, as well as new players in traditional categories, are always emerging. The Overview report looks at key trends based on our latest data, and combines them with the unique insight only our experience and marketplace knowledge can bring. It contains key trends, a solution landscape, and a Provider Point of View discussing 5 to 10 established or emerging players we believe are innovating or excelling to drive customer results in that area.

Research Topics. We gather so much data it would be impossible to share every topic, but this is a representative list of issues we want to tackle. You can also check out everything we’ve already published – it’s free!

Aptitude Interview Series. I’m really excited about this. On a monthly basis, we’ll bring you a conversation with an innovative or thought-provoking HR leader, documenting their path to success, and sharing their insights on HR technology and strategy.

Research on the Rocks. Did you know we were on the radio? Check it out over on HR Happy Hour!

It won’t be hard to focus on the future with this exciting agenda ahead of us. And we want you to join us as we shape the future. Are you an HR leader or practitioner looking to build a business case? A provider who aligns to one of our reports? A business leader looking for insights? Get in touch with us. You can email me at [email protected] with questions, feedback, or ideas anytime. We’d love to hear from you.