The Aptitude Index Reports are comprehensive studies that examine the current and future states key HCM solutions. Each report is based on:

Quantitative Research: We conduct multiple surveys throught the year, looking across a wide range of industries and company sizes,

Qualitative Research: Aptitude completes a series of customer interviews to learn more about what companies look for in a a solution and what they would like to see in a partner.

Solution Provider Analysis: We hold extensive briefings and demos with each of the providers included in the reports. During these sessions, company background, product background, and a product demonstration were all carefully considered.

The Aptitude Index report does not rank providers. It provides an overview of the market, and helps companies rethink the evaluation criteria used to select partners, as well as highlighting a few such providers. As the market becomes more complex, organizations must take a step back and reexamine what is driving success and ask new questions around technology decisions. The final section of this report includes profiles of payroll solution providers describing their attributes along these criteria.

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