For whatever reason, the assessment market is hot again. It could be the fact that organizations need help making better hiring decisions. Or, the fact that old and new providers are going to market with more “selection science”, “predictive selection”, or just plain-old assessment solutions. In any case, we found that the number two priority for talent acquisition professionals is investing in pre-hire assessments (just behind improving the candidate experience). And this sentiment certainly rang true at the various conferences and meetings we have had over the past few months. Assessments are on the rise.

But, the market has changed. Organizations have more options today and don’t need to rely solely on stand-alone solutions. With nearly 80% of companies planning to invest in assessments in the next 12 months, this shift brings promise to a market that had gone stale.

We are about to publish new research on the current state of assessments including some of the leading providers in the space. Below are some of the categories these providers fall under:

  • Suite Providers: Broader talent management providers and HCM providers that are integrating assessments into their existing products and offerings. These assessments are often predictive in nature and provide insight about how an individual may perform on the job. Many of the larger HCM providers and talent acquisition platform providers are entering this market by offering validated assessments that are integrated with their existing product suite and embedded in their products. In fact, 48% of companies said that this integration is a key criteria in selection.
  • Stand-alone Providers: Traditional stand-alone assessment providers that offer validated assessments either as online or manual tools. These providers focus on skills and personality assessments and may or may not offer post-hire assessments. When we asked companies to identify their primary reason for investing in these solutions, they cited the need to make better decisions around talent.
  • Next Generation Providers: Innovative providers that are helping organizations identify quality of hire while improving the candidate experience. Currently, 1 in 4 organizations are considering mobile in the key criteria for selecting a provider.

We are excited to launch our assessment research next week and look forward to continuing to follow this dynamic market.