I’m a data geek. I claim it proudly. I once described my job to a friend’s son as asking questions, using math to figure out what and how people do certain things, and writing about it. He thought being subjected to math and writing on a daily basis sounded awful, but fortunately I disagree. I love spending my time digging in the data to find the stories and insights it holds. I like being surprised by the data – I always say if you aren’t disproving your assumptions once in a while, you’re doing something wrong. Data shows you patterns and connections, and forms the foundation for analysis and action.

To do the work we do and gather the data required takes time however. Your time, all of you business leaders, HR practitioners and solution providers, to share your experiences with us. We value and appreciate your time, which is why we’re offering you some of ours. We have a short survey on our website looking at the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of HCM technology decisions. It shouldn’t take too long to complete, but for every 100 people who do, we will randomly select one respondent (using an online random number generator) to receive a year of advisory time from ARP. That’s 12 1-hour virtual sessions with Madeline or I to explore the topics of your choice. Practitioner or solution provider, all are welcome.

And of course, as we publish reports and insights from this data, they will be made available for free on our website. We do this because we believe in having the kind of new conversations data about our changing industry can bring. We look forward to spending time with you in the coming months and years, and continuing to bring data into human capital decisions.