July and August have been flying by. Here’s my quick round up on what I’ve been doing, and where I’m going to be this fall. Stay tuned for the latest installment of HR Stuff You Should Know in the next few days as well. Investors have been busy too!

Where I’ve Been

Payday Podcast. I had the opportunity to talk with David Barak of Cloudpay about how technological innovation and FinTech are disrupting global payroll. We discuss on-demand pay, benefits like student loan repayment or access to credit, and the localization of global payroll practices.

Fast Company. I love working with people who push me and make me smarter. Working with Terra Vicario, CMO at Viventium on our article, “5 Unspoken Rules of Being a Manager” was one of those experiences. Being picked up by Fast Company was the icing on the cake. My favorite is Rule 4: “You are the designated explainer.”

OurTime Radio. Speaking of people who make me smarter, I had a great time with Jason Averbook and Kim Heger of LeapGen on their new live internet radio program. We talked about essentialism, why we’re afraid to talk about compensation, the future of work, and the great work we’re doing with HR Gives Back.

Where I’m Going

Women in Tech Conference. I have the privilege of moderating a panel on pay equity with a group of amazing women from Best Money Moves, Electronic Arts, and Salary.com during the Women in Tech program on Sept 11. This prequel to the HR Technology Conference is not to be missed.

HR Tech. I’m thrilled to be a part of the new market landscape track at the HR Technology Conference. I am speaking the morning of September 12 on The Payroll Landscape and how to find the right technology and solution partners to enable strategic payroll.

HR Gives Back. This year’s HR Gives Back effort officially launches on September 23, but be sure to stay tuned to our website and follow us on Twitter (@hrgivesback) for a big announcement coming this week about this year’s fundraiser.

I will also be at industry events throughout the fall talking about the changing benefits landscape, the integration of timekeeping and payroll, and the changing nature of the employer employee relationship. I’m already exhausted just thinking about it. See you out on the road!