Recruitment marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of HR technology with nearly 70% of enterprise companies investing in some capabilities. It is a popular topic and one that tends to focus on some obvious trends CRM, career sites, and analytics. Companies want solutions that will help them attract talent before they apply for a job.

The challenge is that most companies have very little understanding of what recruitment marketing is and how to evaluate and select a partner. Building a business case can be a challenge when companies feel overwhelmed with a lot of product and a lot of use cases. Some companies need to start out small and consider strategies that can help to bring immediate benefits to recruitment marketing initiatives. These strategies may not be the most obvious but they are simple to adopt.

Today, I am presenting on a webinar with Stephen Schwander, Director of Client Solutions at Talemetry, to address six innovative trends in recruitment marketing that are practical and easy to implement including:

Communication: How texting directly with candidates optimizes response rates
Personalization: How personalized content empowers the candidate journey and builds ongoing relationships
Feedback: How sharing and reviewing feedback earlier on prospective talent provides an expedited and higher quality recruitment process
Insights: How gaining insight and visibility into career site visitor behavior can empower recruiting teams to segment candidates and nurture the most engaged talent
Machine Learning: How Google machine learning can maximize career site traffic and engagement to increase candidate conversion
Candidate Conversion: How improving candidate conversion on Indeed can increase overall application volume

Recruitment marketing doesn’t have to be a future goal. It can be an immediate goal and something your company can start working on today.