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April Acquisitions in Talent Acquisition

According to the PwC Deals report that published yesterday, 506 deals took place involving US tech companies in Q1. To put that in perspective, we are talking about $60 billion exchanged. And, no surprise, several of these deals were in HCM technology. These deal sizes and volume […]

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The 2018 Payroll Systems Index Report

I have been marinating in payroll technology. It has seeped into my pores and flavored my entire outlook. I think that’s a good thing. Payroll is complex, and I’ve learned a lot in the 10 months since our previous report. And hopefully that will make this year’s […]

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Is Equal Pay the New Social Responsibility?

Did you see 60 Minutes this week featuring Salesforce and their commitment to pay equity? It was a fascinating look at the reality of pay inequity even in an organization that is considered very forward-looking, socially responsible, and merit-based. And it occurred to me while re-listening to […]

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Equal Pay Day: What Can You Do?

April 10 is Equal Pay Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for the gender pay gap. According to research by Pew Research Center, the gender pay gap has narrowed (mostly for younger generations) but still persists and has remained pretty consistent in recent years. In 2017, […]

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I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – What’s Next for Retail?

On March 15, Toys R Us announced its liquidation, closing all 735 Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores and laying off over 30,000 full and part time retail employees. And they also leave behind a lot of empty real estate at a time when malls […]

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Your Next Great Hire May Already Work for You

Check out our latest research! Retain, Develop, & Promote: Your Next Great Hire Already Works for You Retaining key talent is always a top priority, but possibly never more so than now. The US economy continues to grow and unemployment remains at historic lows, meaning it’s harder […]

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