I firmly fit into the category of lifetime learners. I love discovering new things and passing things on to others that are new and useful to them. It’s kind of the point of this series. So, this time we have a collection of stuff I’ve learned and wanted to pass along in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Pay Equity Gets Proactive. In Iceland. But it’s a step. Unlike current US laws, Icelandic employers must have their compensation plans approved, and those that cannot show pay equity are subject to fines. Iceland has always been progressive around gender equity. With all the glaciers and geothermal baths and snow foxes, who has time to be sexist? Of course, with a population of about 320,000, the entire country is smaller than the workforce at 11 companies of the Fortune 500. It’s doubtful such legislation will come to the US, but if investors start to demand transparency around human capital for publicly traded companies, it could bring a lot of change.

Everybody getting a tax cut take a step forward – hold on there bub. Small business owners and freelancers may be one of the groups actually seeing reform in the portions of the tax code that impact their income. But be cautious. While many so called “pass through” companies and contractors will see a drop in their tax rate, there are significant carveouts for some service businesses. And individuals who incorporate to take advantage of the tax change should carefully consider the cost of insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits they will no longer be eligible for as a contractor.

onlabor.org. This is one of my new favorite sites. With a daily news aggregation and in-depth coverage of a huge range of labor relations, workforce management, and compliance issues, it’s a tremendous resource. It’s the product of Benjamin Sachs and his Harvard Law colleagues, and worth a follow.

Have you met Brian? Brian Sommer doesn’t need my help getting noticed, but if you’re not following his work over on Diginomica, you’re missing out. And don’t be put off by his gruff exterior. He’s a teddy bear – as long as you have the answers when he starts in on your product roadmap and financials.

Best Snow Day Notification Ever. In honor of all of us stuck in the cold and snow.

Stay warm everybody!