January 2018 – Aptitude Research Partners

Presenteeism – The Name of the Game

Monday morning will not be easy for a lot of people. Even if your favorite team wins on Sunday night. A lot of people will get up Monday, go through the motions, and head straight into a workplace issue called presenteeism. Presenteeism is that state of being […]

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January 30th, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

Amazon’s 2nd Headquarters: Building the Case for Boston

Last week, Amazon announced the finalists for its 2nd headquarters and Boston is a contender. This is exciting news for a city that has seen significant growth in tech from companies like Wayfair, Tripadvisor, Raytheon, EMC, and Hubspot. According to the SEC, at the end of 2016, […]

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January 29th, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

HR Stuff You Should Know – Vendor News Edition

Not even a month into 2018, and there is lots of activity in the HCM vendor space. In this edition we cover some important strategic announcements, partnerships and potential acquisitions, among other news. We’d love any commentary you have on any or all of these developments. Hit […]

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January 26th, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

AI, Voice Activated-Assistants, Robots: Does Any of It Matter?

In talent acquisition, we hear a lot about things like AI, voice activated assistants, and robots. Will recruiters be replaced by AI? Will home voice activated assistants liked Google Home and Alexa become part of our workforce? What jobs are in danger? Providers are talking about it […]

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January 24th, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

Picture Day – HR Impact Study Findings

Back when I was a kid, picture day was a big deal. You wore your best outfit, had a screaming match with your mom about your hair, and then agonized for six weeks hoping it turned out ok. Now we take pictures of ourselves on a daily […]

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January 23rd, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

ADP Moves on the Future of Work

ADP today announced its acquisition of WorkMarket, and innovative company focused on streamlining how companies find, manage, pay and even evaluate the performance of independent contractors and contingent workers. I had the opportunity to meet with WorkMarket several years ago and came way deeply impressed with their […]

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January 22nd, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

Unlimited Vacation: Be Careful What You Ask For

The January doldrums, with their attending snow and cold are upon us. Vacation and getting away from it all is top of mind for many people. So the emerging practice of offering unlimited vacation by some companies may sound appealing. But it may not be all it’s […]

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January 18th, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

Why iCIMS’ Acquisition of TextRecruit is a Big Deal

When you think about iCIMS, “risk taker” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the NJ-based provider has demonstrated its ability to push the envelope and drive change more than many of its Silicon Valley peers. And its recent acquisition of TextRecruit, the […]

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January 17th, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

HR Stuff You Should Know – Discovery Edition

I firmly fit into the category of lifetime learners. I love discovering new things and passing things on to others that are new and useful to them. It’s kind of the point of this series. So, this time we have a collection of stuff I’ve learned and […]

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January 12th, 2018|Our Blog|0 Comments

Your Paycheck: What Abraham Lincoln, Rhode Island, and WWII Have to do With It

Everybody loves payday. And everybody hates comparing their gross pay to the number deposited in their account. The process of calculating that number on your paystub is pretty complex, and employers carry the burden of doing it right: every paycheck, every time. And they spend a lot […]

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