We are very excited to launch Aptitude Research Partners and share with you some of our research ideas for the next year. Mollie and I have covered this industry for almost two decades and this year has left an impression. With the innovation, transparency, focus on experience, and demand for data, HCM is not what it used to be. As Mollie mentioned in her blog, there is a conversation that needs to happen. A conversation about what hasn’t worked and what success looks like in the future. We are committed to having these conversations and providing you with the research, experience and connection to make the best decisions about your HCM strategies and technology.

If you are curious about what we have planned, here’s a sneak peak:

Scouting Reports: These 1-2 pages reports will highlight startups and emerging providers that have demonstrated growth potential and product leadership.

Aptitude Index: These reports will include insights to help buyers determine their needs, key trends, customer references, and in-depth analysis of each of the leading providers in areas such as talent acquisition and workforce management. We will analyze differentiators companies should consider through every stage of the customer journey. Oh, and did I mention, they will be updated quarterly- do you won’t have to worry about looking at a review of an old release.

Talent Acquisition Model: A new model for talent acquisition that looks at a complete platform, a modern ecosystem and the candidate experience. New research coming next week!

Comprehensive Research: Our research will look at the broad landscape of HCM both the processes and technology.

Case Studies: Research becomes more powerful when complemented with the experiences of companies and the journey they have been on and decisions they have made. We will include customer case studies from a variety of industries and company sizes.

Fast Facts: Keep an eye out for a monthly fast facts- quick data and insight from our latest research findings that will help companies build a business case, initiate change or continue to pursue their initiatives.

So, as you can see, we have been busy! We look forward to sharing this research with you and would love to hear from you. What topics are you interested in?