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At the core of Aptitude Research Partners is industry-leading qualitative and quantitative primary industry research drawn from a broad community of technology partners and HR practitioners. We focus on all core aspects of Human Capital Management to better understand the skills, capabilities, technology and underlying strategies required to deliver business results in today’s complex work environment. This includes talent acquisition, workforce management, and talent management within the HCM Technology Landscape.

Our goal is to look beyond the obvious product capabilities to identify true differentiators buyers should be considering when evaluating technology partners. We also seek to uncover the skills and processes consumers must have in place for successful technology adoption.

The Aptitude Interview

NEW: HR’s Most Fascinating Leaders

Join us each month as we share the stories of inspiring HR leaders, and their journey to transform business performance through technology, strategy and leadership.

This month, Mollie speaks with Bala Sathyanarayanan, Executive Vice President of Business Transformation and Chief HR Officer at Xerox Technology.

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