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Payroll may be one of the oldest and most fundamental processes in the world of work, but its role is evolving and changing. Organizations today must execute payroll not only with accuracy and efficiency, but with an eye towards employee experience and laying the foundation for powerful business analytics. And increasingly, they are looking to solution providers to help them meet these growing demands.


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Mollie is a leading analyst, author, and speaker of Human Capital Management.

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Author: Mollie Lombardi

Co-founder and CEO

Aptitude Research Partners

Aptitude Research Partners is an independent research-based analyst and advisory firm guiding businesses to success within the increasingly complex Human Capital Management Technology Landscape.

Founded by leading authorities and lifelong students of HCM (human capital management,) Mollie Lombardi and Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research Partners harnesses over 20 years of combined experience to foster a new conversation about the role of technology in HCM.

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