For Solution Providers

As a solution provider in the HCM space, you need to consistently understand and rise to meet the demands of your customers. We partner with technology firms like yours to help you remain relevant in a changing world.

Aptitude can provide powerful research-driven content in multiple formats to elevate your brand, and bespoke strategy, advisory, and training services. Contact us about speaking, sales enablement, and more.



For HR and Business Leaders

We partner with end users and organizations making decisions around HR technology. Our goal is to look beyond the obvious product capabilities to identify true differentiators buyers should be considering when evaluating technology partners. We also seek to uncover the skills and processes consumers must have in place for successful technology adoption.



For Investors

Tap into our unparalleled perspective and understanding of the nuanced world of HCM technology including trends, market conditions, leaders, differentiators, and the full landscape and ecosystem of players. Leverage our 20+ years of expertise in this space to make investment or M&A decisions with confidence, a strategic advantage, and minimize risk.



For Media

For journalists or media bloggers, we are happy to provide quotes, perspectives, or guest bylines. We allow for the reference of our research or charts with proper attribution:

Format: Name of Report (hyperlinked to its download page), Aptitude Research Partners, YEAR

E.g.: The Talent Acquisition Manifesto, Aptitude Research Partners, 2016

Note: Brand-side bloggers please contact us about services for Solution Providers.