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Talent Acquisition Manifesto

A New Purpose, a New Platform

October, 2015

ERP is Not Enough

The Next Generation of Best-of-Breed 

Talent Acquisition

July, 2016


Pre-hire Assessments Key Findings

Selecting Quality Hires, Right From the Start

March, 2016

The ATS: A Necessary Evil or a Strategic Partner

Why Companies Select an ATS, 

and Where it Can Go Wrong 

March, 2016

Pre-Hire Assessment Overview

Key Market Trends

January, 2017

Improving Quality of Hire

The Business of Strategic Background Screening

July, 2016

Talent Acquisition Trifecta

The Evolving Talent Acquisition

Technology Suite

April, 2016

Talent Acquisition Tools, Services 

and Strategies

Infographic on the State of Talent Acquisition

June, 2016