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Top 10 Headlines of 2016

HCM technology is a dynamic market and this year did not disappoint. Providers announced new capabilities and products that covered everything from predictive analytics to data visualization to artificial intelligence. Partnerships were created, services were enhanced, and acquisitions were made. And after years of feeling left behind, [...]

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Places to Go, People to Meet – The Aptitude Interview

One of the best things about my job is the places I get to go and the people I get to meet. And I don’t just mean the hotels and occasional celebrity keynote speaker. I mean the companies and organizations I get a chance to peek inside [...]

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Employee Recognition: Thinking Beyond the Holidays

During the holiday season, most companies find some way to recognize their employees. This recognition may come from gift certificates, company parties, or extra vacation days. And while the intentions are genuine, showing appreciating only once a year does very little to boost morale, motivate employees, or [...]

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Getting the Full Benefit

I had a conversation recently about the way you view benefits, and how it changes as you age. When you first start out, usually it’s the big number at the end of the year that you are concerned about. Yeah, you know going to the doctor is [...]

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