The number one question I get asked by corporations and solution providers is “what is the hottest talent acquisition technology right now?” It’s not an easy question to answer.  It never has been. What may seem hot is not always what drives efficiency and success. And more often than not, hot fades away. Companies need to think about what brings value to their existing processes and what will improve how they operate and the overall experience of candidates, hiring managers and recruiters.

Talent acquisition buyers are making more strategic decisions around their technology. They are listening to their peers, questioning their existing providers and looking for partners. We asked companies in our 2016 Hire, Engage and Retain survey what investments they will be making this year and below is what they had to say (this data does not include the ATS market). Many of these solutions are not necessarily the “hottest” new technology but rather solutions that companies believe will help them recruit better and provide a positive experience.

  • Background Screening: Although it’s considered a tactical area of recruitment, background screening can have a dramatic impact on a company’s overall recruitment strategy. Organizations that make a strategic investment in these solutions are able to expand their global reach, improve the candidate experience, and strengthen the quality of hires.
  • Pre-Hire Assessments: Pre-hire assessments encompass the tools and technology that enable organizations to evaluate if a candidate has the right skills and behaviors to perform a job. Today, companies of every size are providing objectivity to the hiring process by leveraging a variety of pre-hire assessments consistently throughout their organizations, from executive-level positions to front-line workers.
  • Recruitment Marketing Platform: Often referred to as the “pre-applicant platform”, this solution includes capabilities that maintain the employer brand, foster candidate relationships and enhance messaging and communication efforts. Companies are investing in stand-alone solutions as well as some of the more innovative talent acquisition systems.
  • Employee Referral Tools: Companies are looking at solutions that can automate the employee referral process. Often these tools can make sure that referrals get in the hands of hiring managers and recruiters and provide employees with the confidence and information they need to make referrals.

The talent acquisition technology landscape is changing rapidly and there is no shortage of innovation. Companies in the process of evaluating what technology they need should consider solutions that will align with their processes and drive business outcomes.