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The Request for Proposal (RFP) and its cousin the Request for Information (RFI) have long been the gold standard of technology procurement. But do they still make sense in this evolving technology world – particularly for human capital management? That’s the topic of our latest publication RIP, […]

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Please Go Away. Often.

There is a travel agency near Harvard Square that for years had a sign out front that said “Please Go Away Often”. I always think about that sign whenever I am leaving for or returning from vacation. It’s important to go away, often. But it’s getting harder […]

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Marketplace or Market Hype? Three Ways to Tell the Difference

Who doesn’t love the concept of a Marketplace? As consumers, marketplaces allow us to make a dinner reservation, order food or even get a ride to the airport. They connect us with providers, reduce the friction of buying and selling, and help us navigate through a very complex […]

Engagement – Delivered Just-in-Time

I’ve never particularly liked defining engagement in terms of personal happiness or filling a gap in someone’s soul. Sometimes being in an engaging work environment helps fulfill those needs. But what engagement really means to me as a business person is, are individuals – including myself – […]

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The New Conversation

One of the founding principles here at Aptitude was the idea that there needed to be a new conversation around HCM technology. SaaS, mobile, social – all of these elements and more have not only changed how we deliver and consume technical functionality, but the role technology […]

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The Human Capital Experience Economy: What Does It Look Like?

Would you pay more for a good experience? Would you be more likely to come back again? You probably already do. We live in a world where experience trumps everything – including cost and quality. According to a study by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, […]

Stop Being So Fancy

Talent acquisition is incredibly complex. Recruiters are facing new responsibilities, new pressures and new challenges. But what surprises me is that many of the talent acquisition technology providers- with all of their products and enhancements- are adding to the complexity not alleviating it. The large, traditional Applicant […]

Workforce Micromanagement – Don’t Be Creepy

I’m a fan of data. I proudly brand myself a data geek. And I love workforce management. I think tools that make us more efficient, while also helping us improve the experience of our staff and managers, that also help us gather data to improve business results, […]

Past, Present and Future – A Visit with Ceridian

I had the opportunity to attend Ceridian’s analyst day in Los Angeles last week. It was my first major analyst event of the calendar year, and it was good as always to catch up with old friends and colleagues, both in the analyst space and on the […]