As customers, we want to feel important. We expect a customer experience that is personal, simple and human. Fortunately, most companies are committed to meeting these needs. If I think about the sites I visit regularly (Adidas, Fiverr, Amazon or even sites for my kid’s activities), they all share two things in common. First, they offer real-time chat options and second, they ask for feedback about the experience. Chat and messaging help us feel supported in a friendly and familiar way. Feedback is important because we want to know that our opinions matter. Again, customers want to feel important.

The same is true for our workforce. Candidates and employees also want an experience that is personal, simple and human. Why should messaging and feedback be limited to just the consumer world? The good news is that more solutions are becoming candidate-centric and employee-centric – committed to providing the same experience we see in the customer world to our workforce. In my opinion, the key to making candidates happy is making solutions simple. One candidate-centric provider that has really impressed me this year is Brazen. They are able to put the individual first by providing exactly what candidates want…communication and feedback. Brazen offers a simple solution for attracting and engaging passive talent through real-time messaging.

Raytheon has been using Brazen for the past four years to improve the candidate experience. With so many positions available and too many applicants, providing a 1:1 engagement was a challenge for the defense contractor. With Brazen, Raytheon is now able to provide a more personal experience through individual chat-based events. Candidates are attracted to Raytheon and then have the option to schedule a chat with a recruiter or hiring manager to learn more about the organization and the recruitment process. The process of looking for a job is transformed from scary and unknown to friendly and familiar.

Below are a few ways that Raytheon is using the solution:

  1. Enterprise Tool: To support its four business units, Raytheon has been leveraging Brazen for over 4 years to schedule chats with candidates that typically last for 20 minutes.
  2. Targeted Events: Raytheon uses Brazen to schedule very specific, targeted events for military hires or women (just two examples). These events go into greater detail about the culture and work environment at Raytheon. These events are also much longer – sometimes lasting between sixty to ninety minutes. The military events attract 60-140 candidates and are held 8-10 times a year.
  3. Target Specific Jobs and Roles: Raytheon uses Brazen to target specific types of roles, locations and market to a specific demographic.

Through this solution, Raytheon has been able to identify candidates quickly, engage with them in a meaningful way and gather more information to make better decisions about candidates. They have also been able to save money that would be spent flying candidates to meet with recruiters and hiring managers. Overall, it has proved to be a win-win for both candidates and recruiters.

In a world where experience is defining our workforce, we need more solutions that make communication easy and simple.