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Change Management

It’s Time to Get Real: Change Management and the HR Technology Conference

The HR Technology Conference is just a few short days away and we are very excited to meet with so many familiar faces and to connect with many of the start-ups attending this year. I am also thrilled to be presenting a session on change management with my friends at BlackBox Consulting on Tuesday, October 20 at 11am. If you are skeptical about change management or unsure why it needs to be part of your HR Technology plans, I am hoping we can help you reconsider.

Why You Should Care About Change Management

It is an exciting time in HR Technology. Recent innovation has enabled organizations to improve efficiencies, provide a more engaging experience and align more closely with business strategies. But, despite these benefits, companies still struggle when adopting new systems. Change management is a critical step to ensure adoption but it is often ignored. Companies tend to focus their resources on a fast implementation and overlook any long-term strategies for success. Change management can be challenging for a variety of reasons including negative experiences with prior implementations, fear of new technology, and resistance from employees. Companies have to be open to feedback and address any concerns with change even when the idea of a new technology is so promising. When organizations are willing to invest the right amount of time and resources into managing change, they are able to improve adoption and reap the benefits of technology much quicker.

Change management requires organizations to take a step back, examine what isn’t working and what needs to happen to achieve success. Change management is when the love affair with your new vendor ends and when a real relationship begins. And the real relationship is the best part, right? So, why not get it right from the start?

What You Can Expect to Learn on Tuesday

  • Common Mistakes: We will look at what typically goes wrong during implementation and the mistakes companies should avoid.
  • Change Champion: We will talk about how to identify change champions at your organization and how to empower them to lead this initiative. Here is a hint: Your champion might not be who you think it is.
  • Communication Plan: We will provide examples and tools on how to communicate effectively through change management and build the confidence of your managers and employees.
  • Implementation Organizational Chart: If you aren’t sure what happens and how it happens during implementation- we can help.

This session is going to be honest, fun and engaging. I hope you can join us and we look forward to seeing you next week!

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