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Mollie Lombardi is cofounder and CEO of Aptitude Research Partners, an independent, research-based analyst and advisory firm, focused on the new conversation required by changes in how technology is delivered and utilized by today’s organizations. Mollie has surveyed and interviewed thousands of organizations to understand how human capital management technology is enabling organizational success by improving efficiency, effectiveness and employee engagement. She has spoken around the globe to HR audiences on topics across the HCM spectrum, including learning and leadership development, employee engagement, assessments, workforce management, workforce planning and analytics, and the future of HR technology. She has authored over 100 research reports and papers, and her research has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, eLearning Magazine, CIO Magazine and other trade publications. Prior to Aptitude Research Partners Mollie was Vice President, Workforce Management at Brandon Hall Group and Vice President and Principle Analyst, Human Capital Management at Aberdeen Group.

Culture Fit – No Place I’d Rather Be

This week, many of my colleagues are in lovely Paris at the HR Technology World Congress. If you’re joining them, be sure to check out these great sessions. Unfortunately, I’m not in Paris this year. But in consolation, instead I am in my happy place, wallowing in [...]

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Lead and Listen: Lessons from HR Tech 2016

By my nearest reckoning, I met with 32 companies in Chicago last week over the course of three days. Plus several others over cocktails and lunch hours. I don’t know if the back-to-back meetings strategy is the best one, but it’s the one I’ve wound up employing [...]

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10 Things I Don’t Want to See at HRTech

Madeline has written a piece on the things she’s looking forward to at next week’s HR Technology Conference, and I couldn’t agree more with her thoughts. But I also like to be contrarian. So I thought it share with you 10 things I hope I don’t see [...]

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It’s Not a Job If You Don’t Get Paid

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about payroll lately. Not only because I’m a business owner, but because we are seeing payroll become a hot topic in the human capital space. When you really think about it, payroll is the foundational transaction between employer and employee [...]

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SMB Challenges WFM to Step Up

Small and medium businesses make up the vast majority of the marketplace. While definitions of the space vary, more than half of the workforce in the U.S. is employed by an organization with under 1000 people. These small(er) organizations are certainly large enough to have complex talent and [...]

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Walmart Shifts Scheduling Power

As the world’s largest retailer, nothing Walmart does goes unnoticed. So a shift in scheduling processes for 650 of its small format Neighborhood Markets is likely to have many other organizations with an hourly workforce paying attention. The new program is called Customer First Scheduling, but it [...]

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Great Strides for Pay Equity – First in Massachusetts

I am a transplant to Massachusetts, but I’ve now lived here longer than anywhere else in my life. Despite not being a native, there is a lot I can be proud of as a resident of Massachusetts, including a lot of important firsts. The Boston Common was [...]

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Ceridian: Walking in Their Customer’s Shoes

I’ve spent a lot of time with workforce management companies and their executive teams in the past 10 years. There are many amazing leaders in our space. But one leader, team and organization that has been through a palpable transformation is CEO David Ossip and his team [...]

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Marketers, I Feel You

I’ve worked with a lot of marketers over the years. And I’ve been at companies that have gone through rebranding or launched new websites. But until it’s your baby, you really don’t know what it’s like. Well, meet our new baby, www.aptituderesearchpartners.com. Of course we have had [...]

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Tick-Tock: Making WFM Tangible with WorkForce Software

A little over a week ago I had the opportunity to spend time with WorkForce Software at their annual user event. I have followed WorkForce for some time and this was the fourth or fifth customer event of theirs I’ve been to. But it was the first [...]

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