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KronosWorks 2015: Enabling the Future of Work

Admittedly I’m a little bit of a geek about the impact of workforce management on workers and business performance. I believe that the data gathered and experience delivered through workforce management solutions like time and attendance, scheduling and absence management are bedrock for powerful analytics and business [...]

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Our Time is Yours

I’m a data geek. I claim it proudly. I once described my job to a friend's son as asking questions, using math to figure out what and how people do certain things, and writing about it. He thought being subjected to math and writing on a daily [...]

A Closer Look at Aptitude Research Partners

We are very excited to launch Aptitude Research Partners and share with you some of our research ideas for the next year. Mollie and I have covered this industry for almost two decades and this year has left an impression. With the innovation, transparency, focus on experience, [...]


Welcome to Aptitude Research Partners! I could not be more thrilled to be welcoming you to our new endeavor. Madeline Laurano and I have worked together for many years. We have seen and done some things that have worked, and some that haven’t. We have spent time [...]