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Mollie Lombardi is cofounder and CEO of Aptitude Research Partners, an independent, research-based analyst and advisory firm, focused on the new conversation required by changes in how technology is delivered and utilized by today’s organizations. Mollie has surveyed and interviewed thousands of organizations to understand how human capital management technology is enabling organizational success by improving efficiency, effectiveness and employee engagement. She has spoken around the globe to HR audiences on topics across the HCM spectrum, including learning and leadership development, employee engagement, assessments, workforce management, workforce planning and analytics, and the future of HR technology. She has authored over 100 research reports and papers, and her research has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, eLearning Magazine, CIO Magazine and other trade publications. Prior to Aptitude Research Partners Mollie was Vice President, Workforce Management at Brandon Hall Group and Vice President and Principle Analyst, Human Capital Management at Aberdeen Group.

525,600 Minutes. Five Predictions.

The year draws to a close, and we look to the next. If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that the biggest things – both good and bad – are the ones we least expect. But that doesn’t stop us from preparing as best we can [...]

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It’s Chaos, Be Kind

If you haven’t seen it yet, Patton Oswalt has a great new special on Netflix called Annihilation. He is wickedly funny and political, as one would expect. But the last third of the show delves into deeply personal territory when he talks about the sudden death of [...]

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Codename FALCON – Kronos Rethinks the Delivery of Workforce Management Solutions

About three years ago, I remember sitting in Kronos CEO Aron Ain’s office when he mentioned a group of people they had hired to go think about how to disrupt the workforce management space. It was a good idea, and one that you would hear from CEOs [...]

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The Convergence (Disruption?) of HCM Technology and Fintech

I’ve been spending a lot of time on payroll in the past year, and one of the things that has caught my attention is the potential for financial market disruption by the HR technology space. Companies like ADP, Ceridian, Ultimate Software, Paychex, and others move trillions of [...]

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HR Stuff You Should Know – Serious Stuff Edition

We all know that HR is more than birthday cake and office parties (but sometimes there is free stuff – see the last section). Some days it feels like a slog through some pretty messy stuff. There is a lot of angst around workplace issues – pay [...]

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HR Technology Conference 2017: A More Human HR Tech

For the past 10 years, the HR Technology Conference has played a huge role in my life. And it has played a huge role in many others for its full 20 years. It has been a place to meet new friends, check in with old ones, and [...]

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UX, AI, and D&I: Three Approaches

We are deep in the throes of conference season, which has some pros and cons. On the cons side, conferences are stacked back to back, and it’s easy to fall behind. On the pros side, reflecting on several of these events before writing allows me to look [...]

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HR Stuff You Should Know – Midsummer Edition

How is it August? Talking about how fast time goes by is something I always thought old people did, yet I seem to do it all the time now. That doesn’t mean… nah, couldn’t possibly… Before any more time slips away, here’s what’s been going on in [...]

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Today’s Benefits Offerings Eclipse the Past

Few, if any of us, get training in evaluation of insurance and financial products before we enter the work world. But I just spent two days at Eclipse17, hosted by PlanSource, attended by HR and Benefits leaders, brokers, and HR technology providers committed to closing that critical [...]

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Meet the New Robots of HCM

When I entered the world of HR, no one ever told me how much I’d talk about robots. Across several meetings and events, robots and Artificial Intelligence, or AI, have emerged as key themes. I’m both fascinated and terrified of robots and AI. At its best, AI [...]

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