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Madeline’s primary focus over the last 12+ years has been on the talent management market, specializing in talent acquisition. Her work helps companies both validate and reevaluate their strategies and understand the role technology can play in driving business outcomes. She has watched HCM transform from a back-office function to a strategic company initiative with a focus on partnerships, experience and efficiency. Before Aptitude Research Partners, Madeline held research roles at Aberdeen, Bersin by Deloitte, ERE Media and Brandon Hall Group. She is co-author of Best Practices in Leading a Global Workforce and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Yahoo News, and The Financial Times. She is a frequent presenter at industry conferences including the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, SHRM, IHRIM, HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition conference, GDS International’s HCM Summit, and HRO Today.

Assessments: A New Landscape

For whatever reason, the assessment market is hot again. It could be the fact that organizations need help making better hiring decisions. Or, the fact that old and new providers are going to market with more “selection science”, “predictive selection”, or just plain-old assessment solutions. In any [...]

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The HR Technology Conference 2016: Slow Down to Speed Up

In HR technology, competitive advantage is too often confused with how fast a solution provider innovates and launches new capabilities. Categories are created and products are enhanced with very little consideration for what customers actually want or need. The pressure to “speed up” has created confusion in [...]

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HR Technology Conference: 5 Reasons We are Excited to Attend

It is hard to believe that the HR Technology Conference is just one week away. This will be my 10th year attending the event and I have been spending the past few days reflecting on the past and considering the future. So much has changed in this [...]

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The Future of Work: A Wish List

At the start of Labor Day weekend, it seems appropriate to reflect on the realities and possibilities of work.  According to the Department of Labor: “Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It [...]

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Top 7 Findings on Talent Acquisition in the SMB Market

Today is the end of SMB Week at Aptitude Research Partners. Small to mid-sized companies face a unique set of challenges with talent and workforce management and we are excited to share our latest research on this demographic. According to Aptitude Research Partners’ 2016 Hire, Engage and [...]

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Don’t Call It a Comeback: is Packing a Punch in Compensation

It is easy for traditional HCM solution providers to get stuck in a rut. Too often, they have a myopic view of the market and look only at themselves, their competitors, or last year’s trends. When the market changes, they struggle to keep up. So, imagine a situation [...]

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Randstad Acquires Monster: The End of the Glory Days

Ten years ago, I was the Research Director at ERE Media. It was the heyday of recruitment and right before everything in our industry changed (mostly, for the better). Taleo was just plain old Taleo, the largest ATS provider. Jobster and Jason Goldberg were the most interesting [...]

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Dog Days of Summer: What’s Keeping Us Busy

It has been an exciting summer for us at Aptitude. After several months of hectic travel schedules, Mollie and I have decided to stay local in August. We are busy publishing new research, prepping for the fall conference season, and collecting and analyzing more data. The best thing [...]

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Employee Communication: Lessons from The State of Colorado

Most companies understand the importance of employee communication but fail to have an effective strategy. Companies need to continuously practice and improve the way they communicate. They need to invest in the right strategies and tools to make communication consistent and engaging. And, for many companies, it [...]

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New Research on the Talent Acquisition Market: The Aptitude Index Report

If you read Mollie’s blog post on Monday, you can probably sense that we are very excited to announce the launch of the Aptitude Index report today. This is a comprehensive study of the leading talent acquisition system providers and their unique differentiators. It is not a [...]

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