I’ve long had a bone to pick with the concept of “best” anything. I’ve frequently said, there’s no such thing as first, best, or only. This might be a slight exaggeration, but in reality, these terms can be somewhat relative depending on how you evaluate the various characteristics being referred to as first, best, or only. But “best” is the one I get most worked up about. Best for whom?


Don’t get me wrong, the idea of looking to top performers and understanding how they achieved their extraordinary results can be instructive. But it only has impact if that behavior or process can be adapted to a new set of circumstances. I’ve written about so-called best practices many times. But this year I’m less interested in understanding what the majority of people are doing than I am in understanding the unique things extraordinary organizations do. I care about how people are finding differentiated impact as a result of their HCM investments, and understanding the impact on the business – the only scorecard that matters.


With that in mind, we have launched our HCM Impact Survey, and invite all HR and payroll practitioners to participate. The purpose of this study is to understand how organizations are measuring the impact of fundamental HR processes (pay, benefits, hiring, and development) on employees, leaders, and ultimately on business results. It will also look at how specific Human Capital Management (HCM) strategies and technologies are helping organizations improve their overall performance.


You can find the survey here.


And stay tuned to the blog in coming weeks, when we’ll share the findings – not of just what is commonly done, but by what is driving real business impact.